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Cowboys can be gritty or colorful characters no matter what kind of film they're shot on. Television has given us iconic heroes of the Wild West since the earliest days of the medium. No matter the era, cowboys are always cool.

The genre was wildly popular in the 1950s, and continued to dominate network schedules up through the mid-'70s. Which means they were filmed in both stylish black & white and glorious color.

But do you remember which shows filmed in which formats? It gets a little tricky when you remember that some classic shows filmed in both black & white AND color throughout their runs, depending on the season. See if you can wrangle the right answer. Need help, partner? Watch a posse of classic Westerns weekdays and Sundays on H&I!

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  1. Bonanza (1959–73)?
  2. Gunsmoke (1955–75)?
  3. The Rifleman (1958–63)?
  4. Little House on the Prairie (1974–83)?
  5. Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958–61)?
  6. Have Gun - Will Travel (1957–64)?
  7. Wagon Train (1957–65)?
  8. The Wild Wild West (1965–69)?
  9. Lancer (1968–70)?
  10. Maverick (1957–62)?
  11. Rawhide (1959–65)?
  12. The Big Valley (1965–69)?
  13. The High Chaparral (1967–71)?
  14. The Virginian (1962–71)?
  15. The Lone Ranger (1949–57)?
  16. Cheyenne (1955–63)?
  17. Daniel Boone (1964–70)?

Were these Westerns filmed in black-and-white or color… or both?

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