Do you know which Batman villain had this plan?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: December 21, 2022, 3:54PM
The villains of Batman always have super wacky plans to hamper the caped crusaders at every turn. Do you know which wacky villain came up with each plan? Good luck!

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  1. Who tries to send their henchman disguised as Robin to attack Batman in the Batcave?
  2. Who tries to make their own version of Batman's utility belt to cause chaos?
  3. Who traps Batman and Robin and ties them to the train tracks?
  4. Who tries to steal precious artifacts from a museum that actually lead to a secret treasure?
  5. Who tries to trick Gotham that they have gone legit?
  6. Who tries to make themself look like a better vigilante than Batman and Robin?
  7. Who tries to round up all the delinquent kids in Gotham for their own personal gang
  8. Who tries to run for Mayor of Gotham City?
  9. Who mind-controls both Batman and Robin?
  10. Who uses a flying saucer to terrorize the citizens of Gotham?
Do you know which Batman villain had this plan?

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