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We wouldn't mind seeing a crossover episode of The Fall Guy and Walker, Texas Ranger. Imagine this plot: Colt Seavers gets a call from Walker saying a 'little birdie' revealed to him that a director (who is also a bad guy) has a $100,000 bounty on one of the actors in Seavers's new film. The job must be done in the next eight hours in order to receive the money. Seavers and Walker must team up not only to catch the director but also to protect the actor. 

How was that? We'd watch it! Yet, since there isn't a crossover episode of these classics, guess which series these episodes belong to!

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  1. Episode: "Blood Diamonds"
  2. Episode: "Medieval Crimes"
  3. Episode: "The Lucky Stiff"
  4. Episode: "Lazarus"
  5. Episode: "Trial By Fire"
  6. Episode: "Escape Claus"
  7. Episode: "Black Dragons"
  8. Episode: "Reel Trouble"
  9. Episode: "Suspicious Minds"
  10. Episode: "King of the Cowboys"

Are these episodes of The Fall Guy or Walker, Texas Ranger?

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