The Fall Guy

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The adventures of a film stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter when movie work is slow.
  • Season

    S1/EP - Pilot (Part 1)

    Big Jack sends Colt to find a hit-and-run driver that jumped bail. Arriving in a small backwater town, Colt discovers that the man is actually a crooked sheriff and finds himself up against the entire town's police force.

    S1/EP - Pilot (Part 2)

    Big Jack sends Colt to find a hit-and-run driver that jumped bail. Arriving in a small backwater town, Colt discovers that the man is actually a crooked sheriff and finds himself up against the entire town's police force.

    S1/EP - Meek Shall Inherit Rhonda

    Colt tracks a computer hacker who ripped off the bank and jumped bail. His investigation leads him to a Mexican resort where the hacker's wife lives with a has-been actor.

    S1/EP - Rich Get Richer, The

    Colt and Howie try to stop an embezzler before he can make his deal and escape on a plane.

    S1/EP - That's Right, We're Bad

    Colt and Howie find themselves in a tight spot when their scheme to infiltrate a jail is complicated when the warden dies, leaving them locked inside.

    S1/EP - Colt's Angels

    Colt and Howie track a repeat criminal and wind up in the middle of the desert surrounded by his aggressive bike gang.

    S1/EP - Human Torch, The

    Colt investigates an bail-jumping arsonist, who everyone in his hometown claims is dead.

    S1/EP - Japanese Connection

    Colt and Howie set out for what seems to be a lovely Hawaiian vacation spiced with the simple job of picking up two bail-jumping moonshiners... until Japanese mobsters enter the picture.

    S1/EP - No Way Out

    While vacationing in Las Vegas, Colt and Howie get assigned to protect a bail jumper, who'd rather surrender himself than face the mobster he owes money

    S1/EP - License to Kill (Part 1)

    Colt chases a bond jumper who is a government agent on a mission to kill an international terrorist. The government steps in to ensure success and stop Colt.

    S1/EP - License to Kill (Part 2)

    Colt is wrapped up in an international affair when the bond jumper he's tracking is killed by a double-crossing government agent.

    S1/EP - Going for It!

    Colt becomes suspicious when a stunt man friend has a nearly fatal accident and finds stolen gold is being smuggled in stunt cars.

    S1/EP - Adventures of Ozzie and Harold, The

    When a homeless man is framed after he witness two cops murder someone, Colt comes to his aid.

    S1/EP - Soldiers of Misfortune

    Colt and Howie join a survival training unit in order to bring an ex-green beret to justice.

    S1/EP - Ready, Aim, Die!

    A mob assassin uses an unwitting Colt to find her mark, a relocated government witness with a distinctive gambling habit.

    S1/EP - Ladies On the Ropes

    Colt enters the world of women's professional wrestling when the "Golden Girls" manager is kidnapped before their championship match.

    S1/EP - Snow Job, The

    Colt comes to the aid of a crooked Congressman whose wife shoots him after discovering his mob connections.

    S1/EP - Guess Who's Coming to Town?

    When Howie and Jody get no cooperation from the local Sheriff in Nevada, Colt poses as a trigger happy, gambling bounty hunter.

    S1/EP - Child's Play

    When attempting to turn state’s evidence, Clyde is kidnapped by the mob before he can testify against them. A girl with a photographic memory is Colt's only lead.

    S1/EP - Charlie

    At a stuntman convention, Colt reunites with an old friend and becomes entangled in a murderous land scam.

    S1/EP - Three for the Road

    Colt reluctantly teams up with Kay Faulkner to recover a stolen cache of jewels in Mexico.

    S1/EP - Silent Partner, The

    Colt investigates a country western star kills his ghost writer and tries to pin the blame on his chauffeur.

    S1/EP - Scavenger Hunt

    Howie clashes with a group of disgruntled naval officers on the trail of the $5 million that they helped to steal.

    S2/EP - Bail and Bond

    Colt, while in Rio filming a spy picture, sets out to find a missing businessman and the $5 million he disappeared with.

    S2/EP - Ives Have It, The

    Colt and Howie travel to Aruba to bring back burglar suspect, Shauna Ives. While there, they discover that Shauna and her identical twin sister, Shawn, are private investigators attempting to steal information from George Hardy, a suave, handsome extortionist. They hope to use the information as leverage to free a client of blackmail.

    S2/EP - Colt's Outlaws - Part 1

    While shooting a movie on a southern location near the township of Littlefield, an old stuntman friend of Colt’s, Dan Wilde, is arrested and framed for the murder of a local farmer. It’s all the work of a corrupt sheriff, Dwight Leclerc, and the town baron, Mayor John P. Littlefield.

    S2/EP - Colt Breaks Out- Part 2

    Frustrated at having lost Colt, Wilde and the Outlaws are learning that Mary Walker is with them. Assuming she must know something about how Wilde was framed, Littlefield enlists the help of his cousin, Colonel Stonewall Hamilton, of the state National Guard. With a phone call, soldiers ambush the Outlaws ultimately capturing and jailing all of them including Howie and Jody. With the outlaws (now known to be stuntmen) in his jail, Littlefield is confident he’ll get the others.

    S2/EP - Mighty Myron

    When Colt and Howie arrive at a carnival to bring in animal trainer Ed Catcher, they find him murdered -- with an orangutan named Myron as the obvious suspect. Colt and Howie befriend Myron and discover that Bryna, Ed’s manipulative, conniving and gorgeous girlfriend, and Hugo, a huge muscleman, who Bryna also manipulates, were using Myron as a jewel thief. It was Hugo, on Bryna’s orders who actually killed Ed.

    S2/EP - Reluctant Traveling Companion, The

    Colt travels to Philadelphia to bring back white-collar criminal, Christina Vaughn. By convincing Colt she's afraid to fly, Christina gets him to bring her back by train, which allows her time to attempt a good number of escapes. Meanwhile, banker crook Arthur Collins has ordered Christina killed, which further complicates Colt's returning her successfully to Los Angeles.

    S2/EP - Piece of Cake, A

    Colt travels to New York on the "easy" assignment of retrieving an old friend, gambling bail Jumper Swifty; but in so doing spoils the stakeout of gangster Trainor, who was close to being arrested by a crusty old cop named Finley. Finley threatens Colt with charges if he refuses to help expose Trainor, and a unique bond is struck between Colt and Finley.

    S2/EP - Hell on Wheels

    Colt’s plan to grab “Mad Dog” gets Jody on the team and nearly killed when Coach Jackson finds out what’s up. Realizing that “Mad Dog,” call her Elizabeth, is no criminal and that the real criminal is Jackson, who uses the team as a cover for some heavy duty drug dealing, Colt makes a deal to capture Jackson for the Seattle police if they will drop their charges on Elizabeth, giving her a fresh start. During the final and biggest game of the tour, Jackson follows through with his planned drug deal while his henchmen go after Jody and Elizabeth on the track. Colt cleverly disrupts the deal and after some roller derby encounters of the worst kind, the good guys come out on top with the bad guys on their way to jail.

    S2/EP - How Do I Kill Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

    Computer genius R.P. Darwood, working for a large petroleum company, discovers that millions of dollars are being used to finance an illegal intelligence network within the company. Burglary, bribery and murder are all part of the company’s security arrangement masterminded by Head of Security, Frank Dial who has Darwood framed on a manslaughter charge in order to force him to cover up the misappropriated funds. Darwood is out on bail and Terri, wanting to make sure he doesn’t skip out, hires detective team, Brewster “Rooster” Steele and Sweets McBride (two old friends of Colt’s) when Colt can’t take the case.

    S2/EP - Win One for the Gipper

    Colt and Howie’s pro-football cousin and two teammates are kidnapped by corrupt Army Master Sergeant, Beauregard Gleason and forced to play on his ragtag football team. When Colt and Howie go looking for their missing cousin, they end up in the same fix. They discover that Gleason is running a business supplied with stolen government merchandise and that he is using his kidnapped recruits to help him win a game that will enable him to expand his operation to other bases.

    S2/EP - Happy Trails

    During the shooting of the Roy Rogers Western Special, Howie is taken by a couple of car thieves (part of a sophisticated car theft operation) who sell him a stolen sports car for use in a demolition stunt.

    S2/EP - Manhunter

    Colt and company are in Acapulco tracking down high stakes jewel thief, Greg Cominsky and his con-man partner, Don Ross. Up to their old tricks, the two are using stolen Inca treasure to con investors into supporting a phony salvage operation. Cominsky is quickly murdered by Ross when he suspects Cominsky is going to level with a beautiful investigator trying to recover the stolen treasure for the Mexican National Museum.

    S2/EP - Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold, The

    When Ozzie and his imaginary friend, Harold, are the only witnesses to a murder at a penny arcade, they seek protection from Colt and Howie. The man who committed the murder, Towler, works for Hugh Stanford, an arcade game tycoon who is shocked when he recognizes a photo of the only witness to be Ozzie, his brother (whose real name is Harold) whom he thought was dead.

    S2/EP - Death Boat

    Colt joins a Mediterranean cruise to capture fortune hunter, Sally Randolph. Complicating matters, Sally has had plastic surgery and her old partner in crime, Ted Harmon, who with Sally’s help stole six million in securities, also is looking for her, to kill her, since she can identify him.

    S2/EP - Eight Ball

    Colt secretly works to get one time billiard champ, Joe O’Hara, on the comeback trail after a long stretch as a broken-down, alcoholic “has-been.” Colt is so secretive about Joe’s comeback that he keeps Howie unaware of what he’s doing, even training Joe after hours in an old pool hall. Colt is betting all he’s got on Joe winning a big grand championship pool tournament in Nevada. What Colt doesn’t realize is that big time gambler, Val Duran, has mega-bucks riding on his own man, Louis Kramer, who is also in the tourney and he plans on winning, one way or another.

    S2/EP - Spaced Out

    On location in a small town, Colt, Howie, Jody and Terri are dumbfounded when they witness the landing of a UFO that not only relieves the local bank of all its money but abducts Jody as well. When Colt and Howie further investigate the incident, they are able to track the supposed spaceship back to a local gold mine where it has been dismantled. When Danny Symes, a fellow stuntman, tries to frame Colt for the extraterrestrial bank heist, Colt sets out to prove his innocence.

    S2/EP - Strange Bedfellows

    Jody is kidnapped when Colt refuses to be pressured into persuading Terri to post bail for conniving con-woman Sue Jackson. The kidnapper, Sue's boyfriend Jeff, is holding Jody hostage and sporadically phone Terri and Colt to warn them of the consequences if Sue is not freed. Fearing for Jody's safety, Terri ultimately posts bail while Colt and Howie attempt to trail the slippery Sue back to Jeff's hideout.

    S2/EP - Molly Sue, The

    Colt and Howie must track down scar faced, grave robber, Hank Debond, who jumps bail and heads for Panama in a stolen vintage B25, The Molly Sue. It seems that Dubond intends to smuggle ancient artifacts into the states in The Molly Sue, which is equipped with expensive anti-radar equipment.

    S2/EP - One Hundred Miles a Gallon

    Colt helps a friend's son, who has been framed for attempted murder by a cocaine dealer. Little Juice Atkins, son of two of Colt's oldest friends, jumps bail on an attempted murder charge after Colt used his house as collateral for his bail. Little Juice had been charged with trying to kill Ed Clarke, the man he believed was behind his father's murder. Clarke had been trying to take over local moonshine running as a cover for his cocaine operation and had Little Juice's father, Big Juice, killed when he was interfering. After finding Little Juice, Colt's plan involves getting Howie appointed temporary sheriff and for Colt to penetrate Clarke's operation in order to expose Clarke and vindicate Little Juice. The plan works, literally blowing the roof off of Clarke's operation and putting him behind bars where he belongs.

    S2/EP - P.S., I Love You

    Colt clears actor Tab Hunter of a murder rap, and shuts down a gambling ring in the process. While Colt is stunt-doubling for Tab Hunter, Tab finds himself framed for a murder which stems from a past gambling debt. Colt is able to track the murdered man's identity to an illegal gambling house run in Palm Springs and sets off with Howie, Jody and a half-pint, self-conscious young stuntwoman named Cassie, who claims to have seen the murderer leaving Tab's movie trailer at the time of the murder.

    S2/EP - Chameleon, The

    Colt tracks an ex-TV star and master of disguise who has robbed a supermarket of a quarter of a million dollars. Colt must locate one-time TV star David Charles, a.k.a. The Chameleon (a master of disguise and quick change) who, with the help of three accomplices, has managed to relieve a supermarket of a cool quarter of a million dollars.

    S2/EP - Chase, The

    Colt helps bust a secret, subversive society of assassins. Upon witnessing an assassination by members of a subversive underground organization, Max Downey, who works for an auto repossession company, flees in the car he is repossessing and is taken for a car thief by the police and jailed. Realizing that attempts on his life in jail are part of the murderers' attempt to silence him, Max goes into hiding in Texas after jumping bail.

    S2/EP - Just a Small Circle of Friends

    An industrialist begs Colt to rescue his daughter from a cult which has dark, hidden motives.

    S3/EP - Devil's Island

    Colt and Howie are in the sea coast village of Puente, Mexico to bring back beautiful Mary Connors, wanted in connection with a government case against her former boyfriend, William Farrow. Mary fled to Mexico when Farrow, fearing she would testify against him, ordered her killed.

    S3/EP - Trauma

    Howie is seriously injured and is fighting for his life at the McKee Trauma Center as a result of a stunt accident caused when Osborne, the ruthless thief Colt and Howie had previously apprehended, had his sniper shoot the tire of the truck Howie and Jody were driving.

    S3/EP - Pleasure Isle

    Colt comes to the rescue when a woman is kidnapped by her boss, in order to extract code numbers for his frozen assets.

    S3/EP - Baker's Dozen

    Colt, Howie and Jody are off to Arizona to retrieve bail jumper Andrew Ferris from a resort dude ranch. Ferris, unknown to Colt, is an undercover army counterintelligence agent who has penetrated an underground mercenary group that operates from the ranch.

    S3/EP - Last Drive, The

    Colt blows a government undercover operation in which Simms, a hotshot mob driver who's turned government witness, is about to help the state net a big fish: Selwyn Edwards is behind an operation to steal millions in negotiable government bonds from an armored transport company, and Simms was to be the ace driver in the caper.

    S3/EP - TKO

    It's deja vu as Colt and Howie once again go after slimy con man Lou Carnesco. This time he's in Las Vegas managing a small-time heavyweight fighter named Leon "Bam Bam" Brannigan. They find Lou just as a couple of henchmen are about to put the grabs on him for double-crossing their boss, and Colt and Howie help Lou get away just in the nick of time.

    S3/EP - Dirty Laundry

    While in Lake Tahoe, Colt goes after bail jumper Flo Benton, who is wanted in California on a murder charge. In the process, Colt gets caught up in the dangerous crossfire of the money laundering operation that got Flo in trouble in the first place.

    S3/EP - Inside Outside

    Colt is set to appear in court as a witness for the prosecution against Sam Garrick, a gangster who tried to bribe a city safety inspector and whom Colt fingered. To keep him from testifying, Terri Michaels is kidnapped and all fingers point to Garrick; if Colt testifies Monday morning, Terri will be dead Monday afternoon.

    S3/EP - Pirates of Nashville

    Colt gets caught in the middle of a record pirate operation when he is called upon to help the son of an old friend, country and western singer Webb Covington, who has been arrested on a manslaughter charge.

    S3/EP - Hollywood Shorties

    A corrupt police officer resorts to kidnapping the wife of a small-statured stuntman to retrieve a cocaine package stuck in a vent.

    S3/EP - To the Finish

    Colt and Pat Patterson are partners in a race car and are getting ready for Pat's racing comeback in Phoenix when the car is stolen en route to the race.

    S3/EP - Wheels

    Seattle is the setting for a movie in which Colt, Howie and Jody are the leading stunt persons. While in Seattle, Colt gets a call from Terri asking his help in locating a former stuntman protégé of his, Travis Tyler, who is now facing murder charges after skipping bail.

    S3/EP - Cool Hand Colt

    Colt is sent to bring back Junior to testify. However, he's put in a chain gang, and a sheriff is out to kill him.

    S3/EP - Huntress, The

    Colt searches for a hit woman who likes expensive art.

    S3/EP - Bite of the Wasp

    Colt, Howie, Jody and Terri have invested their all in a low budget movie entitled "Death Car Hookers" to help out a friend, beautiful film producer Rae Grant. Meanwhile, city alderman Lloyd Jarvis is trying to extort $40,000 from Rae.

    S3/EP - Rabbit's Feet

    Colt and his assistants become fugitives after they are involved in a jail break in Argentina.

    S3/EP - Olympic Quest

    Colt, Howie and Jody are on their way to Sarajevo to see Colt's sister ski in the Winter Olympics; they end up in the middle of a kidnapping and bank robbery scheme.

    S3/EP - Always Say Always

    Colt, Howie and Jody are in Hong Kong doing stunt work on a new James Bond movie when Terri calls and asks their assistance in returning bail jumper Barry Connors. He's an art historian who has fled to the historic island after posting bail in the killing of a mainland Chinese national in Los Angeles and the theft of three priceless Ming Dynasty vases.

    S3/EP - King of the Cowboys

    A villain named LaRue owns a riding stable and is smuggling diamonds out of the country by hiding them in the hooves of old horses he sells for horsemeat in Europe. Colt, Jody and Howie are touring with Roy Rogers' TV charity special when a stable boy unwittingly rents five of the jewel-carrying horses for the finale of Roy's show.

    S3/EP - Boom

    Colt and Howie's attempt to bring in bail jumper Bobby Ellis is complicated when they walk into the middle of a PCP lab operated by Bobby's father Rick and his partner Conlin. The elder Ellis has just completed a sale with mobster Mannion when Colt and Howie capture Bobby and the $250,000 left by Mannion. The PCP lab explodes from stray bullets, and Ellis and Conlin escape -- to plot their revenge on Colt...

    S3/EP - Undersea Odyssey

    Colt, Howie and Jody are in Bermuda for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation when Terri arrives with a friend, Claire Howard. It appears that Claire's boyfriend, Milo Hendricks, jumped bail for killing the captain of the boat he was on as it was transporting illegal liquor. Milo was picked up by the Coast Guard after blowing up the boat and has since disappeared. But unbeknownst to Colt and friends, Milo is watching them.

    S3/EP - Old Heroes Never Die

    Ron "Perk" Perkins is a one-time baseball great in trouble with the mob -- he owes $50,000 in gambling debts and is on the run. He's in town for an old timer's game and his daughter's wedding, stealing a pear necklace from a pawn shop for her gift. Colt gets in the middle of the situation when he bails Perk out after his arrest for the jewel theft.

    S4/EP - Losers Weepers

    An uproarious cavalcade of comedy erupts when Colt, Howie and Jody are off on a $3 million treasure hunt as a pretty bail jumper implicated in a money theft leads them on an action-packed and comedic chase to a resort hotel where the loot is hidden.

    S4/EP - Stranger Than Fiction

    A novelist is pursued by a syndicate boss who wants the incriminating tape recording that's in her possession.

    S4/EP - Prisoner

    When Colt turns down Terri's request that he pick up a beautiful bail jumper -- Chris Randolph, wanted on drug smuggling charges -- Jody undertakes the task herself. When a struggle ensues, Colt and Howie must step in to rescue Jody from a sadistic women's prison known as Cell Block Six.

    S4/EP - Private Eyes

    Colt has purchased three cars to smash up for a stunt; the cars were new when exported from Japan, but because of water damage at sea they were allowed to be sold as junk even though their exteriors were perfect. Unbeknownst to Colt, Victor Lange, an unscrupulous businessman who has served time for smuggling jewels into the country, has stashed $3 million in stolen pearls in the three cars. He is furious when he hears of Colt's purchase and sends two thugs to retrieve the cars -- at any cost.

    S4/EP - October the 31st

    Unbeknownst to Preston Deauville, aristocratic owner of a large gothic manor, his wife Katherine has agreed to let a movie company use the premises to film a horror movie starring Elvira. The couple is desperately in need of the $60,000 the company will pay, but Mr. Deauville is furious and tells his wife the company will discover the mansion's secret if allowed on the premises. Colt, Howie and Jody are stunting the movie and Elvira makes a very obvious play for Colt. Meanwhile, Deauville, in a frenzied effort to rid the house of its strangers, has cast a curse on Howie and all his friends...

    S4/EP - Sandcastles

    Colt and Howie pursue a murder suspect to Hawaii, only to discover that Jody has fallen in love with him and let him escape.

    S4/EP - Dead Bounty

    Colt seeks answers from town officials when a bail jumper he left overnight in the town jail dies under mysterious circumstances.

    S4/EP - San Francisco Caper

    Colt's pursuit of a bail jumping thief in San Francisco is complicated by a stowaway in his truck -- a beautiful 17-year-old girl who has decided that she's deeply in love with him. Linda is the daughter of one of Colt's best friends, movie star Phillip Morgan, and she's facing great danger as she accompanies Colt in his pursuit of the thief, who has stolen a $1 million diamond.

    S4/EP - Baja 1000

    Colt, Howie and Jody participate in the grueling 1,000 mile off-road race down the Baja California peninsula at the insistence of a shady movie producer, and find themselves battling mobsters who are determined to keep them from winning. Producer Dell Lewis, whose operations are always balanced on the thin line between illegal and shady, tells Colt and his crew that the race scenes are essential for his movie. Actually, he has bet on Colt, and hopes to use the enormous winnings to finance his project. The mobsters who have taken the bet are even more determined to stop Colt from completing the race.

    S4/EP - Winner, The

    Colt gets one of the most touching assignments of his life when he becomes a big brother to a little boy with down syndrome who has come to Los Angeles at Christmastime to participate in the Special Olympics -- and who witnesses a murder. The boy, Jason, hides away in Colt's truck because he knows he is in danger, and Colt must get him safely to the Olympics.

    S4/EP - Semi-Catastrophe

    Colt is in big trouble when he's sent to bring back a beautiful bail jumping truck driver who is brave enough to take on a corrupt trucking circuit kingpin. Colt has planned to take the week off because he's so sore from his movie stunts; however, Terri comes by with an offer she won't let him refuse, and he's off and running on the high-speed and dangerous trucking circuit.

    S4/EP - Her Bodyguard

    Colt breaks into the closely guarded mansion of one of the world's richest women, becomes her new bodyguard, and gets involved in a wild round of dangerous action, all to catch a bail jumper named Brian Carlin.

    S4/EP - I Love Paris

    Colt accepts an invitation to speak to a film group in Paris, and discovers that he's actually been hired to protect an internationally known doctor from one of the world's deadliest men.

    S4/EP - Sheriff Seavers

    Colt, acting as sheriff of a town, has 48 hours to bring in a bail jumper whose father owns the town.

    S4/EP - Tailspin

    Colt joins the circus and gets involved in the excitement of aerial acrobatics to catch a bail jumper who escaped with $200,000 from a bank robbery.

    S4/EP - High Orbit

    Colt and Howie are preparing to go up in the space shuttle which will be piggy-backed atop a 747 in order to shoot a segment for a film. Colt has made some changes in the stunt plans which have not been approved by Markovitch, the director -- and unbeknownst to Colt, the film is a front to cover for the theft of a $10 million microchip from the shuttle.

    S4/EP - Rockabye Baby

    Terri asks Colt and company to find Valerie Hubbard, a beautiful 19-year-old aspiring singer who has witnessed the murder of her music promoter.

    S4/EP - Spring Break

    Colt and company have been asked by Terri to find Myles Poplin, who has embezzled $75,000 from a university. Poplin, however, maintains that he was framed by a Professor Brewster, who somewhere has a record of the kickbacks on a computer disc.

    S4/EP - Split Image

    As Colt and Howie are packing for a Caribbean holiday, Terri asks them to find bail jumper Martin Gates, who has just ripped off $2 million worth of cocaine from Earl Hollis -- who now has a contract out on him. When shoe salesman Warren Pepper is discovered to be a dead ringer for Gates, Hollis doesn't know who to kill...

    S4/EP - Skip Family Robinson, The

    Terri talks Colt into finding Sterling Robinson, a con man who has jumped bail for the third time. He has returned to a health resort, La Quintera, in an attempt to find out why its owner, George Spyros, has framed him. Colt arrives at the resort as Lash Gibson, a wealthy Texan, with Howie as his chauffeur and Jody as girlfriend.

    S4/EP - Reel Trouble

    Colt, Howie and Jody, along with five beautiful stuntwomen, are in Turkey working on a film produced and directed by Hal Vargas. Soon they are investigating the theft of the film's negative reels and a ransom note demanding one million dollars.

    S5/EP - King of the Stuntmen

    Colt, Howie and Jody attend the stuntmen's convention where Colt will be competing for the stuntman of the year title. During the first few days of the proceedings there have been a series of minor thefts in the hotel, and Colt must concentrate on solving the crimes.

    S5/EP - Femme Fatale

    Colt is hired to track down murderer Vincent Downing, who is after the only witness to his latest killing. Colt visits Rhonda, the witness' girlfriend, to enlist her help.

    S5/EP - Fistful of Lire, A

    Colt, Jody and Howie are in Italy working on a Spaghetti Western. Howie becomes smitten by Olivia, the Italian wardrobe mistress. Her brother, Marcello, invites Colt to talk about his screen exploits before the Film Club of San Leandro and Colt agrees -- not realizing there his a hidden agenda behind the invitation.

    S5/EP - Life of Riley, The

    Colt goes after Simon Gordon, who's skipped bond after wrecking a city hall of records office. When Colt catches up with him, he is surprised by Gordon's request for help in finding his kidnapped daughter.

    S5/EP - October the 32nd

    Madman Phillip Croyden escapes from an insane asylum in England where Colt is working in a horror movie with Elvira. To promote the movie, the producer offers $50,000 to anyone who spends a night in a haunted castle and survives. No sooner do the guests arrive at Pelham Castle than they are in danger.

    S5/EP - Seavers: Dead or Alive

    Before Colt can leave for a film assignment, he is subpoenaed by U.S. Attorney Kathleen Heyes to testify against gangster Vinnie Sloan. En route, he is framed by a stranded motorist, who plants cocaine in his car.

    S5/EP - Escape Claus

    Kris Winter, a department store Santa Claus, is released on bond after he sets free some reindeer in a store display. On his way out of jail he meets Mickey, a thug with a heart of gold, who gives Kris the key to a locker before he is shot and killed. With Colt's help, Kris exchanges the stolen bonds in the locker for a big reward, and saves his beloved orphanage.

    S5/EP - No Rms Ocean Vu

    Colt is working in a perfume commercial in the Caribbean when he meets Zoe DeRoy, a very rich but overbearing woman. Colt takes an instant dislike to her and the feeling is mutual. However, he gets talked into escorting her and her very expensive jewelry to a publicity party.

    S5/EP - Miami's Nice

    Colt, Jody and Howie are in Miami to attend the Miss Stuntwoman U.S.A. contest when Cara Domingo, a bail bondswoman, approaches Colt. She needs his help in finding Fred Enida. Colt tracks Fred to a seedy hotel -- where he finds him dead.

    S5/EP - Reunion

    Jody and Howie surprise Colt by taking him to the 25th anniversary of his high school graduating class in Hazeltine, Texas. Colt meets Laura, his old flame, who became a cop and was blinded in the line of duty. His old feelings for her return, but first they must thwart a gang of gem thieves.

    S5/EP - Lucky Stiff, The

    Jerry Andrews hires a hit man to kill him "accidentally" so his wife can collect the insurance, but before the contract is executed Jerry wins three million dollars in the lottery. Colt is hired to find Andrews, who has skipped bail after being arrested for fraud in an oil scam. When Andrews tries to collect his winnings Colt is waiting for him -- and so is the hit man.

    S5/EP - Beach Blanket Bounty

    Colt, Howie and Jody go after Cliff Hansen, who has been stealing and selling industrial secrets. He's recently robbed the safe of a nightclub where a young singing group is trying to make it big. Colt poses as an ex-C.I.A. agent to track Hansen down.

    S5/EP - Last Chance Platoon, The

    Colt is packing for a trip to Santa Barbara when he receives a letter telling him that he's been drafted. Colt goes to the army base hoping to rectify the mistake and runs into Colonel Rick Halston, an old army buddy, who explains that he needs Colt's help in find a thief in his battalion.

    S5/EP - Two on a Skip

    Before Colt, Howie and Jody can leave on a fishing trip they are assigned to find Eli Webber, who ran out on his bond after being indicted for grand theft. But before they can get to Webber they must find Cleve Turner, another bounty hunter assigned to the case.

    S5/EP - Lady in Green, The

    While Colt is in the hospital preparing to have surgery on his leg, an old movie hero named Grant Coleman becomes involved in a mysterious murder. With Howie's help, Coleman breaks his faithful companion Max out of the same hospital to find the killer.

    S5/EP - Tag Team

    Colt is hired to find 70-year-old Joseph Bauman, who is wanted for skipping bail on a counterfeiting charge. Meanwhile, Howie is trying to beat the odds with his "foolproof" poker system. He ends up losing and has to be saved by Colt, who wins back Howie's money and the contract for two professional wrestlers as well.

    S5/EP - War on Wheels

    While Colt is making a biker movie, he gets an assignment to bring back Jake, an outlaw biker. Colt finds Jake molesting a young girl named Chris and subdues him, but ends up being chased by Jake's gang. Colt, Howie and Jody take refuge in a ghost town and find Chris hiding there, too. They learn she is looking for her grandfather who has refused to move from the town that's soon to be flooded to create a reservoir.

    S5/EP - Bigger They Are, The

    Liz Arquette and her 15-year-old son Phil visit Colt on the set. Liz's husband Stan used to be a stuntman and Colt's friend; since his death, Phil has been getting into trouble, and Colt decides to take Phil to a gym where he can learn to defend himself and get rid of some of his anger. Meanwhile, a PCP dealer named Bobby Lee Jones is looking for new kids to break in as drug runners...


    Inside Outside - "Colt is set to appear in court as a witness for the prosecution against Sam Garrick, a gangster who tried to bribe a city safety inspector and whom Colt fingered. To keep him from testifying, Terri Michaels is kidnapped and all fingers point to Garrick; if Colt testifies Monday morning, Terri will be dead Monday afternoon."
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