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Are you supposed to have fun at work? Maybe, maybe not. However, no rule book says if you laugh while working, you're a horrible employee. In fact, when your work is enjoyable, more effort goes into it — ask Lee Majors.

Lee Majors was the ultimate stuntman in The Fall Guy. The Eighties show centered around Colt Seavers and his adventures as a stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter when movie work is slow. The action-adventure series stuck with viewers for five seasons and 112 episodes.

The scenes are fun to watch, so we hope Lee Majors had just as good of a time filming it, and he did.

"I've always enjoyed the world of the stuntman and veteran Hollywood stuntman Hal Needham and I started discussing one day what a fun series that would make," Majors told The Times in 1983.

Once he sold the idea to ABC, one day turned into day one. "They were looking for that type of good ol' boy show. It's a really fun, lighthearted show not too much different in spirit from The Six Million Dollar Man. I'm a lighthearted sort of guy and I think that comes across. I also think that people enjoy the show because they can sit back for an hour, relax, and enjoy a lot of action, jokes and adventure."

And now, viewers can see The Fall Guy on H&I every Thursday during its Day Shift starting at 12P | 11C. We say, do what viewers did when they first watched new episodes of the series.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the adventures Colt Seavers brings to your television screens.

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