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The District

Explicit Activities

Mannion cracks down on child-pornography. 


Epitaph for a Gambler

Bart, waiting to collect on a $10,000 IOU, makes an uncomfortable observation: murder may be the pay-off in a gambler's life. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Monday Morning

After being coerced into stealing a large amount of money from his workplace, Charlie Glover has a change of heart and hires Josh to help him return the money before his boss finds out. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Long Search

Yoshika Nakamura comes west to find a man named Bill Timmons, who promised to marry her when he visited Japan. Yoshika hires Josh to help her locate Timmons, and during his venture learns about Japanese culture. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Prize Fight Story

When Paladin goes to a mining town to promote a prizefight, his boxer is arrested and he ends up having to take the man's place in the ring -- against the Welsh champion. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

Hey Boy's Revenge

When Hey Boy's brother is killed for protesting the working conditions on a Chinese railroad gang in Utah, Paladin must get the boy out of jail and bring the killer to justice. 


Gentleman's Gentleman

Favor gets caught between Lord Ashton, hunting the white buffalo, and Buffalo Bob Driscoll. Ashton entrusts Woolsey, his valet, to Favor. 

The High Chaparral

The Doctor From Dodge

The Cannons meet a travelling dentist who is as skilled with a firearm as with a tooth extractor. But trouble arises when he forms a pact with outlaws to kidnap Blue for money. 


The Long Rope

Cheyenne returns to his hometown and re-opens an old feud with an old enemy. 

Hawaii Five-O


When a young woman is beaten and raped and a soldier is arrested for the crime, McGarrett begins to have doubts about his guilt. 

Hawaii Five-O

While You're at It, Bring in the Moon

An eccentric billionaire is accused of murdering a business associate, but will not leave his boat to defend himself against the accusations, allowing his associates to declare him mentally incompetent. 

Hawaii Five-O

Cloth of Gold

Three real estate crooks die horrible and mysterious shellfish related deaths, and McGarrett and the others must establish the link between them, and who has reason to want them dead. 

Hawaii Five-O

Good Night, Baby - Time to Die!

McGarrett sets up a cordon of police around a young woman to capture her boyfriend who has escaped from jail, but all is not as it seems. 

Hawaii Five-O

Didn't We Meet at a Murder?

A young widow becomes part of a blackmail plot involving the murder of a Chicago mobster. 



MacGyver senses that Murdoc is back from the dead. 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Eyes Of A Ranger

Country singer Lila McCann stars as Kelly Wyman, an aspiring country singer. One of the many obstacles this precocious teen-ager faces is a slick-talking talent agent, who is the mastermind behind a drug cartel that Walker is trying to bring down.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

On The Border

A young truck driver refuses to transport illegal drugs for a corrupt sheriff. The sheriff places a bomb on the driver's truck; the young man survives and goes into hiding. The boy's mother asks the Rangers to look into the matter.  

Star Trek

The Menagerie: Part 1

Spock kidnaps his former captain, the crippled Christopher Pike, and heads for a quarantined planet, putting his career and Kirk's life on the line. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Ensigns of Command

Data races against time to save a human colony that's been marked for death by aliens. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Sent to Bajor on a mission against her former leader in the resistance movement, Kira ends up joining him as a fugitive. 

Star Trek: Voyager

Dark Frontier: Part 2

During a mission against the Borg, Seven of Nine is lured back to the Collective. 

Star Trek: Enterprise


After capturing Degra, the creator of the Xindi weapon, Archer and the Enterprise crew conduct a carefully orchestrated deception in order to convince him to reveal the location of the weapon. 


Race Against Time, Pt. 2

Mitch and the Baywatch lifeguards team up with the Coast Guard to rescue Hobie, Gayle and Ken from the submerged plane before the air pressure gives out. Hobie tries to comfort Ken, while Gayle is pined under steel beams. When Ken shows his true colors by cowering in fear, Hobie, when he should be saving oxygen for him'self,' tries to help his unconscious mother, without Ken's help. Elsewhere, Matt decides to move in with Stephanie and C.J. for a while after his domineering and self-serving father decides to financially cut him off after he refuses to move to France with him. Stephanie tries to explain to Mr. Brodie that Matt isn't the 'bad seed' as he puts out, but just a neglected and spoiled rich-boy who just wants attention. But the arrogant Mr. Brodie refuses to listen, and tells them that Matt will give them a hard time as he did with him. Also, the Baywatch team helps Jackie and Summer shape up their new beach front restaurant for a grand opening.  


Damned If You Do

At Christmas, House's treatment of a nurse is called into question, and an unusual remedy is given to a man with an inflamed bowel. 


The Socratic Method

The case of a schizophrenic mom and her care-giving teenager hold a special interest for Dr. House. 

The District

Drug Money

Mannion investigates a series of pharmaceutical robberies, and Debreno is won by a mayoral candidate in a charity bachelor auction.