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The Restless Gun


"A woman is shunned by everyone in her home town, including her own father, because she married a man who later turned outlaw and killed the town's leading citizen. Bonner tries to prevent the shunning from escalating into violence." 


The Young Toughs

"When Marshal Dan Troop (JOHN RUSSELL) answers a trouble call from an outlying ranch, he leaves young deputy Johnny McKay (PETER BROWN) to keep things smooth in Laramie and to handle gun-hungry kids." 


Mano Nera

Looking for a peaceful and profitable poker game in New Orleans, Bart is plunged into a mysterious murder involving the Black Hand society. 

Wanted Dead or Alive


Josh is hired to find Baa-Baa, a beloved pet of Mrs. Goode's. Her husband is desperate to find Baa-Baa as he is in the dog house with her until Baa-Baa returns. Josh reluctantly goes to look for the lost sheep amid much ridicule from other ranchers and cowboys alike. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Last Retreat

Sarah Lawton's identification led to killer Clem Robinson's conviction. Now Clem has escaped from prison, and Josh is hired for protection by Mrs. Lawton because her lawyer husband is a coward. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

Bob Wire

A barbed-wire salesman hires Paladin to protect him from ranchers. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Debutante

More than one surprise awaits Paladin as he searches for a dowager's missing granddaughter. 



A photographer leads an unsuspecting Rowdy into a den of thieves.  

The High Chaparral

Destination Tucson

During the 1870s, Big John Cannon and his family move to their new cattle ranch, The High Chaparral, in dangerous Arizona Territory. 


Home Is the Brave

Cheyenne intervenes when the enemies of a dead hero try to prevent his honorable burial. 

Hawaii Five-O

Let Death Do Us Part

An escaped convict may well have a strong case of innocence, when Five-O become involved in the paranormal. 

Hawaii Five-O

Double Exposure

A press photographer is pursued relentlessly after she takes a photo of a supposedly dead gangster who has returned to the islands to take control of the local syndicate. 

Hawaii Five-O

Target -- a Cop

Police are being lured into traps and shot, and Five-O have difficulty nailing a suspect when their primary lead turns out to be a paraplegic. 

Hawaii Five-O

Bells Toll at Noon, The

The boyfriend of an overdose victim re-enacts famous film murders in a revenge on all the people he sees as responsible. 

Hawaii Five-O

Man in a Steel Frame

McGarrett is the top suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, and the evidence against him is seemingly overwhelming. 


Collision Course

MacGyver finds himself behind the wheel of an experimental race car after his buddy is injured In a mysterious crash during the qualifying heats. 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Full Contact

A protégé of Walker's is a kickboxing champion who is being pressured by a former champion who lost the title due to steroids. The previous champion tries to plant drugs on Walker's friend, and then tries murder.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

99th Ranger

A Texas Ranger is killed in the line-of-duty. Two officers apply for the open position. Both are almost equally skilled. One candidate is being hunted by her violent ex-husband, and she thinks about dropping out of the application process.  

Star Trek

Friday's Child

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy land on a primitive planet to negotiate a mining treaty, but soon find themselves involved with intrigue and must flee with a pregnant woman into the surrounding mountains. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation


Data's first bad dream turns into a real-life nightmare for the rest of the Enterprise crew. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Emissary: Part 2

On a distant outpost, an untested crew embarks on an unprecedented journey. 

Star Trek: Voyager

The Swarm

While the crew battles a swarm of alien ships, Kes races to prevent the Doctor's memory circuits from deteriorating. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

Zero Hour

Archer leads a team to stop the Xindi weapon before it reaches Earth. Meanwhile, Enterprise attempts to destroy a key Sphere, despite deadly interference from the Sphere Builders. 


The Edge

Cody puts his career (and life) on the line when he starts using a performance-enhancing supplement in hopes of making it to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which soon begins affecting his life guarding job as well. Meanwhile, Newman makes a play for Alex who's oblivious to his moves, while she quarrels with Mitch over running the Baywatch lifeguard program. But when Mitch spends more time with Alex, including getting stuck in a traffic jam and ending up in a lifeguard tower to spend the night, Newman becomes jealous. 

The District

Ella Mae

Mannion copes with a sudden death, and Temple and Debreno search for the man who shot one of their informants. 

The District

Into the Sunset

Mannion goes west to recover and stumbles onto an investigation. Meanwhile, Mannion's ex-wife Sherry meets Vanessa. 

The District

Jack's Back

Jack returns to D.C. to get his job back as chief of police, but the mayor has other ideas.