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The Restless Gun


"Stopping see an old friend, Vint learns that the man has been charged with killing the town sheriff. After a farcical trial in a saloon presided over by a drunken judge, the man is sentenced to hang the next day. With the help of his friend's young son, Vint sets out to prove him innocent in the little time allowed." 



The Payment

"Marshal Dan Troop learns that sometimes a man can rise above his past...even a bad one." 



Easy Mark

Bart, for whom cowardice is a virtue, "turns yellow" when he learns that his friendship with a tycoon could cost him his life. 


Wanted Dead or Alive


After Randall rescues Jake Pringle from a lynch mob's rope, he learns he's not the only one with an interest in keeping the killer alive. 


Wanted Dead or Alive

The Hostage

Who needs enemies with friends like the residents of Rogue City? The townsfolk celebrate Randall for bringing in notorious killer Jumbo Kane, but just as quickly turn on him when Kane breaks loose and demands a hostage to ensure his escape. 


Have Gun, Will Travel

Return of the Lady

"Diana Coulter (The Lady, Episode 49) wires Paladin and asks him to come to her wedding to "give the bride away"." 


Have Gun, Will Travel

The Monster of Moon Ridge

The townspeople of Moon Ridge, Colorado believe there are monsters in the mountains. Dan Bella's daughter is taken by something and he finds strange footprints outside his daughter's window. Paladin is hired to find out what is up on the ridge. 



Incident of the Fish Out of Water

Favor is en route to Philadelphia to see his two daughters. Another passenger is Ogala, chief of the Pawnee, who is going to be in a Wild West show. 


The High Chaparral


The Cannons are in danger when an Army bounty hunter is sent to retrieve an Apache Indian accused of murder. 



Land Beyond the Law

When he's mistaken for a killer, Cheyenne is forced to join an outlaw band to bring the right man to justice.  


The A-Team

The Road To Hope

"The team tries to expose a millionaire's son who is running an illegal operation out of a Skid Row shelter." 


The A-Team

The Heart of Rock n'Roll

"The A-Team works to expose a robbery scam being run by a prison warden." 


The A-Team

Body Slam

"The A-Team contends with mobsters who are trying to close down a youth center." 


The A-Team

Blood, Sweat And Cheers

"The A-Team helps a race-car driver who is being threatened by a mob boss's nephew." 


The A-Team

Mind Games

"Hannibal fears Faceman's official pardon is a setup." 


Walker, Texas Ranger

Safe House

When a man, Lloyd Allen, whose willing to testify against his boss, Vince Termin who is dangerous man who killed another man who was going to testify against him. Walker sends Gage and Cooke to get him but when they arrive Termin's men are there but they manage to get away. Walker and Trivette try to help them.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Way Of The Warrior

A Shaman transports Walker back in time 100 years to prove the innocence of a Comanche Indian. In the present, Walker must prove the innocence of another Comanche, who is accused of murder.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Tall Cotton

Gage's sister is a reporter. She goes undercover to investigate a crime boss operating at a local bar. When she goes missing, Gage and Sydney go undercover to find her. Meanwhile, Walker and Alex go on a camping trip.  


Star Trek

Journey to Babel

Spock meets his estranged father when the Enterprise escorts a group of ambassadors to a conference on the planet Babel. 


Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Outcast

A rescue mission leads to a dangerous romance between Riker and a rebellious member of an androgynous race. 


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Change of Heart

When Dax is seriously injured during a crucial mission, Worf must question his priorities. 


Star Trek: Voyager

Learning Curve

Tuvok incurs the wrath of Maquis crewmembers when he's put in charge of a "boot camp" designed to bring them up to Starfleet standards. 


Star Trek: Enterprise

Demons: Part 1

A xenophobic faction of humanity threatens to undermine talks to form a new coalition of planets. 



The Guardian

A pilgrim finds a liquid rock that gives him power over life and death. 


Relic Hunter

Nine Lives

A museum curator hires Sydney to find the statue of Egyptian cat goddess Mafdet. 




Don and his team investigate the death of a minor league baseball player to determine if it was an accidental overdose of steroids or a homicide. 



No Good Deed

Having managed to allude authorities across the country, armed robber Andy DuPree has once again returned to his hometown for another round of scores.