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The Restless Gun


"Vint accompanies three cavalry officers to the shack of a stubborn old Confederate, whom the officers suspect of holding a gold shipment stolen twenty years ago during the Civil War. Vint is surprised to find that the old man does have the gold, that his place is fortified with cannons and Gatling guns, and that the only way he'll give back the gold is if the Northern officers surrender---to him." 



The Showdown

"Marshal Dan Troop attempts to halt a feud to which only death can write a finish." 



Iron Hand

Hired to protect a cattle drive, Bart dutifully chases Indians while a masterful swindle takes place right under his nose. 


Wanted Dead or Alive

Vanishing Act

Randall tracks down a bank-robbing magician and his henchmen, but while in custody of the sheriff, the man and his gang escape. Shot while tracking them down for a second time, Randall must keep the magician and his men at bay to save his own skin.  


Wanted Dead or Alive

Mental Lapse

Josh plays detective when he signs on to help an amnesiac discover his identity. 


Have Gun, Will Travel

Silver Convoy

Paladin is hired to find James Becker. He trails him to Monterey and discovers he has been arrested and is sentenced to work in a silver mine. Paladin finds that Becker has died in a cave-in or so he is told. The owner of the mine hires Paladin to guard a silver convoy, but first Paladin wants to find out a little more about the mine. 


Have Gun, Will Travel

Deliver the Body

Paladin is hired to bring in the killer of the sheriff in a Nevada town. He brings him in but has some doubts about his guilt and decides to hang around for the trial. 



Incident of the Banker

A banker tricks Favor into trading jobs so he can prove his manhood to an overbearing wife.  


The High Chaparral

The Little Thieves

Buck and Manolito harbor two orphan girls who both want to be outlaws like their father. 



The Dark Rider

A beautiful but scheming woman convinces Cheyenne to help with a deal, skipping town while owing him $300 dollars. 


The A-Team

Blood, Sweat And Cheers

"The A-Team helps a race-car driver who is being threatened by a mob boss's nephew." 


The A-Team

Mind Games

"Hannibal fears Faceman's official pardon is a setup." 


The A-Team

There Goes the Neighborhood

"The A-Team is hired to protect a rock singer from terrorists." 


The A-Team

The Doctor Is Out

"The team travels to South America to search for a kidnapped psychologist." 


The A-Team

Uncle Buckle-Up

"The star (Arte Johnson) of a children's TV program is threatened when he plans to denounce a toy company's product." 


Walker, Texas Ranger

Golden Boy

Walker takes in a young boxing prodigy after the boy's parents are killed in a car accident. Meanwhile, Rangers Sydney and Gage go undercover to take down a drug ring.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Desperate Measures

A bus transporting female convicts is forced off the road and the ones who force it off the road are the partners of two of the convicts on the bus.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Division Street

Boomer Knight runs a youth center in a gang neighborhood to keep the children from joining the gangs. Walker helps him organize basketball tournaments. The drug dealers try to intervene by kidnapping Boomer.  


Star Trek

The Savage Curtain

Kirk and Spock meet Abraham Lincoln and Surak of Vulcan and must do battle with some of history's most terrible villains. 


Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Defector

A Romulan defector leads the crew into a showdown that could erupt into a fullscale war. 


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Homefront: Part 1

Evidence that Changelings are targeting Earth sends Sisko back to his home planet, where he and Odo must prevent—or prepare for—war with the Dominion. 


Star Trek: Voyager


Killing for sport becomes Seven’s only means of survival when she is abducted into a ring of fisticuffs. 


Star Trek: Enterprise

Rogue Planet

While exploring an uncharted planet, Enterprise crew members encounter a group of aliens who are hunting down indigenous creatures for recreation. During their exploration, Archer is mesmerized by visions of an elusive, yet familiar woman who needs his help. 



A New Dawn

In the final episode, Dar must find the key to the Crystal Ark in order to free his family. 


Relic Hunter

So Shall It Be

Sydney gets a map leading to the Druid astronomic on, the "Keys to Stonehenge." 



Robin Hood

Don and Charlie investigate an apparent do-good bandit who may have ulterior motives. 



High Rollers

A casino owner asks for Reno's help with motorcycle bandits.