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The Restless Gun


"Emma Birch has organized the women of the town into a determined suffragette group; the men rebel and attempt to put the women in their place. Bonner becomes the reluctant mediator between the two groups." 



Blue Boss And Willie Shay

"Willie Shay discovers he's wrong when he believes his only friend in this world is a pet steer." 



High Card Hangs

When Bart and two of his friends are charged with murder, the town's citizens demand a confession from one of the three men, or else all three will be prosecuted. 


Wanted Dead or Alive

Mental Lapse

Josh plays detective when he signs on to help an amnesiac discover his identity. 


Wanted Dead or Alive


A grieving daughter impatient with the slow-moving wheels of justice vows to bring vengeance upon the man who murdered her father. 


Have Gun, Will Travel


Paladin is taking Blandings back to stand trial and stops at a ferry crossing. They are captured and held along with three others. Someone is coming and they are being held until he arrives. Each thinks it's their worst enemy coming to kill them and all they can do is wait. 


Have Gun, Will Travel

Black Sheep

Ben Huttner is a fugitive wanted for manslaughter. He is also the illegitimate son of a very wealthy man and stands to inherit his five million dollar estate, but he must first come back and stand trial. Paladin is hired to find him and either bring him back to stand trial or get him to sign a paper giving up his inheritance. 



Empty Sleeve

When the herd refuses to drink or cross a river, Favor sends for a vet and a one-armed man shows up wanting a drover job. Rowdy learns the cattle need salt and the new hand knows where to find it nearby. However, he doesn't want to go there. 


The High Chaparral

New Hostess in Town

When Victoria is kidnapped and Buck's rescue fails, they work together to escape from a crooked bar owner. 



Top Hand

When Cheyenne refuses job offers from a pair of feuding ranchers, one of them won't take no for an answer. 



Lawyers, Guns, and Money: Part 1

CIA agent Clayton Webb returns and recruits Mac for an high-risk, undercover CIA assignment in the South American country of Paraguay while Bud must defend Sturgis when he is accused of incompetence on a case. 



Pas De Deux: Part 2

With Mac undercover and out-of-touch, Harm turns to a CIA attorney Catherine Gale for help. 



A Tangled Web: Part 3

When Webb and Mac go missing in Paraguay, Harm subsequently resigns his commission and heads off to rescue them. 



A Tangled Web: Part 4

Harm and Mac must escape pursuers determined to kill them, while also sorting through their feelings. 



Shifting Sands

Harm returns to Washington and finds that the Admiral has processed his resignation. 



Blood Brothers

While visiting his hometown, MacGyver is forced to recall a painful incident from his past when he comes to the aid of a young boy involved in a shooting. 


Walker, Texas Ranger

White Buffalo

A new drug called the White Buffalo hits the streets and Alex, Sydney and a young child find the drug dealers while they are hiking. Sydney is shot by the drug dealers. Walker investigates a buffalo statue that appears to be crying tears.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Avenging Angel, The

A wrestling friend of Trevette's is killed during his flying entrance to the ring. The Rangers search for the businessman who wants to put the wrestling company out of business.  


Star Trek

The Menagerie: Part 1

Spock kidnaps his former captain, the crippled Christopher Pike, and heads for a quarantined planet, putting his career and Kirk's life on the line. 


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Hide and Q

The Enterprise is once again challenged by the dangerous and powerful "Q" who offers Riker god-like powers in exchange for Riker's membership in the "Q" continuum. 


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


O'Brien returns from a security mission to notice that the entire crew has seemingly turned against him. 


Star Trek: Voyager

Message in a Bottle

The Voyager crew makes contact with a Starfleet ship in the Alpha Quadrant. 


Star Trek: Enterprise

Babel One: Part 1

Enterprise journeys to Babel with a Tellarite ambassador on board for peace talks with the Andorians, when a distress call from Shran is received. 



Baywatch at Sea World*

After rescuing two people trapped on a rock with an injured sea lion, C.J. and Cody transport the injured mammal to the animal recovery facility at Sea World in nearby San Diego where C.J. develops a bond with the mammal she names "Leo". Also, Samantha gets the idea to promote life guarding material by planning a Baywatch-theme stunt show at Sea World. Meanwhile, Mitch and Jordan attempt to track down the fisherman and his cronies responsible for the sea lion shootings whom are also illegally fishing with dynamite. 



Golden Girls

Neely and Cody break up a disturbance on the Venice boardwalk started by a crazed young woman, named Jamie Duncan, who's in town for the Malibu Female Bodyboard Tournament whom Neely discovers her to be a manic-depressive and it causes her alarm for Neely's late sister too suffered from the same problems Jamie has. Meanwhile, Mitch and Samantha's romance is put to a real test when Samantha's former fiancé Adam, a sports promoter, arrives to promote the body board tournament. Elsewhere, Newman meets a beautiful blond woman of his dreams. But when Newman finally musters the nerve to ask her on a date, she turns out to be a Mexican tourist who doesn't speak any English. So, Newman has to have Manny come along with them as a translator. 



Two Daughters: Part 2

The team is in a race against time to rescue fellow agent Megan. 



Hog Calls

Reno and Bobby get involved with the mafia in their search for evidence exonerating Reno.