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The Restless Gun


"Vint helps search for a killer, a young man he helped raise, hoping to get him to trial before a lynch mob gets him. He has to contend with the man's ex-girlfriend, who still believes him to be innocent." 


The Bride

"Marshal Troop faces a shoot-out when he catches a girl in a marriage swindle." 



Keeping cool during a stage holdup, Bart catches a twinkle of recognition between his lovely traveling companion (Pat Crowley) and one of the outlaws. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Criss Cross

A well-meaning doctor pays an innocent man to take the blame for his son's robbery. However, the son sets out to kill the man to make sure he never tells. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Medicine Man

Josh and a phony medicine man help out a man who was framed and falsely accused of the theft of a huge sum of money.  

Have Gun, Will Travel

Blind Circle

Paladin tries to stop a bounty hunter from killing his man, who's no longer wanted. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Kid

Paladin wins the right to work a silver strike for a month---or so he thinks. 


Incident of the Portrait

After unintentionally killing a blind girl's father, a man signs on as a drover with Favor. When Favor is asked to escort the girl to another town. Favor unwittingly assigns the man as her driver where he comes to cherish her company. 

The High Chaparral

Pale Warrior

The Cannons befriend a man who claims to have been an Apache prisoner for 15 years, but they soon regret their decision.  


Home Is the Brave

Cheyenne intervenes when the enemies of a dead hero try to prevent his honorable burial. 

Nash Bridges

High Impact

Nash and the SIU team respond to a bomb threat against Mayor Bobbie Werksman. In a tenement, they find the bomb, but accidentally trigger the timer. 

Nash Bridges

Home Invasion

A ruthless home invasion gang brutally attacks a family, killing the father, a move that confuses Nash and the SIU. 

Nash Bridges

Night Train

While on their way home, Nash and his fellow SIU cops are caught in the middle of an extremely dangerous train heist. 

Nash Bridges

Skirt Chasers

Nash and Joe find themselves on the trail of a heroin dealer after Joe is forced to re-join the SIU due to a pension dispute. 

Nash Bridges

The Javelin Catcher

While investigating a gang shootout, Nash discovers that the weapon used for the job is the Army's recently disappeared man-portable, anti-tank system: the Javelin. 


Target MacGyver

When MacGyver is told to get out of town fast because assassins are after him, he has a bittersweet reunion with his grandfather who he hasn't seen in years, and whose life is also endangered. 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Whitewater (Pt. 1)

Walker and Alex go white water rafting and camping trip. In the morning, a rafter is found dead. The group continues rafting to the nearest station for help. Meanwhile, there is a prison outbreak and convicts are heading towards the rapids.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

Whitewater (Pt. 2)

Walker and Alex go white water rafting and camping trip. In the morning, a rafter is found dead. The group continues rafting to the nearest station for help. Meanwhile, there is a prison outbreak and convicts are heading towards the rapids.  

Star Trek

The Mark of Gideon

Kirk beams down on a diplomatic mission and finds himself on an Enterprise where all the crew have vanished and only a mysterious woman resides. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Galaxy's Child

The Enterprise becomes surrogate mother to a huge alien creature after Picard is forced to destroy its real mother. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

In Puragtory's Shadow: Part 1

While Worf and Garak are imprisoned in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko learns of a Dominion invasion. 

Star Trek: Voyager

Flesh and Blood: Part 2

The Doctor is torn between his duty to Voyager and his conscience when warrior holograms rebel against their Hirogen creators. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

Babel One: Part 1

Enterprise journeys to Babel with a Tellarite ambassador on board for peace talks with the Andorians, when a distress call from Shran is received. 


Heal the Bay

While Cody lets C.J. paint an abstract portrait of him, Donna and Caroline co-operate with a local environmental agent after a recent rainstorm washes inland pollutants into the waters off Santa Monica, forcing the beaches to close down. While Donna quarrels with an arrogant photographer who refuses to leave the beach to cancel a photo shoot, an associate convinces her to pose for the magazine 'Inside Sports' as a new politically correct model. Meanwhile, Mitch falls ill after he unknowing swims over drums of toxic chemicals which were dumped illegally off Catalina, forcing C.J., Neely, Cody and Caroline to race against the clock to find the source of the chemical or Mitch will die. 


Bachelor of the Month

Mitch is approached by Molly McCoy, the young editor from 'Flash' magazine, who asks to nominate himself as Bachelor of the Month for her magazine, complete with a photo and video shoot. But Mitch has other things on his hands in helping Newman and Donna try to catch a large Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish that is infesting the area after having stung a swimmer. Meanwhile, Caroline offers to help Stephanie with her wedding plans to Tom by planing a big wedding whereas Stephanie wants to keep things small, where it's revealed that Caroline is trying to channel her frustrations of her life after recently breaking up with Logan. 



When Don and his team investigate a murder at a horse track, they stumble onto more than just a plot of betting on fixed races. 


Rustler's Rodeo

Reno saddles up to help when a friend of Bobby's is injured after uncovering a group of cattle rustlers operating through a traveling rodeo.