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Duncan MacLeod is Immortal, and must live in modern society, concealing his true nature while fighting other Immortals. The 1992 series continues the fan-favorite sci-fi franchise that began with the 1986 film Highlander.
  • Season

    S1/EP 1 - Free Fall

    After a naive Immortal leaps to her death from a skyscraper, she seeks out MacLeod as her mentor. But this innocent student may not be what she seems

    S1/EP 2 - The Gathering

    Duncan Macleod, an IMMORTAL who lives quietly with his girlfriend, Tessa, will have to deal with a young man who tries to steal his antiquities store and an evil rival immortal who wants to take his head, forcing him to return to THE GAME

    S1/EP 3 - Innocent Man

    Immortal and former Confederate Captain Lucas Desiree was killed after many years of solitary retreat. A Vietnam's War Veteran partially insane is accused of his murder. Duncan decides to investigate.

    S1/EP 6 - Family Tree

    Duncan bails Richie out of jail after he was caught stealing files from an adoption agency in an effort to find out who his parents are. From what Richie read in the files before he was caught, he and Duncan are able to find a man who claims to be his father. Duncan senses that something isn't right, so he hits the streets to find out who this man really is.

    S1/EP 7 - Bad Day in Building A

    Duncan, Tessa, and Richie are held hostage at a courthouse by a convicted killer and his gang.

    S1/EP 8 - Road Not Taken

    A friend of Richie's dies suddenly after being captured during a diamond heist. The police believe it to be a drug overdose, but Richie insists his friend would never have done drugs. Duncan believes it to be the work of a potion developed by Kiem Sun, an immortal he once knew

    S1/EP 9 - Revenge is Sweet

    Duncan and his friends are stalked by a beautiful mysterious woman named Rebeeca Lord. McLeod suspects that she may have a connection to an old foe named Walter

    S1/EP 10 - Mountain Men

    When Tessa's ramble in the great outdoors leads to her kidnapping by a group of lawless mountain men, Duncan must find and rescue her before a forced "wedding."""

    S1/EP 11 - Deadly Medicine

    On his way home from the grocery store, Duncan is the victim of a hit and run. He is rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but due to his remarkable recovery time he is able to check himself out shortly after he arrives. This is noticed by a doctor who drugs and kidnaps Duncan so that he can experiment on him. Meanwhile, reporter Randi MacFarland is hot on the trail of Duncan's disappearance.

    S1/EP 12 - The Sea Witch

    Richie saves an old friend from Russian mobsters after a drug deal goes bad. Unbeknown to him, she takes the drugs and the money with her. It is up to Duncan to protect her and her daughter from the mobsters, who are now looking for her

    S1/EP 14 - See No Evil

    A friend of Tessa's is assaulted and nearly killed by a serial killer who scalps his victims. Duncan believes him to be a copycat killer who is basing his crimes on those of an immortal whom Duncan confronted years ago.

    S1/EP 15 - Eyewitness

    Tessa witnesses the murder of a woman she met at an art exhibition, but the police don't believe her. She and Duncan take it upon themselves to investigate.

    S1/EP 16 - For Tomorrow We Die

    An immortal thief named Xavier St. Cloud visits Darius and confesses his crimes to him after a robbery during which he murdered six people. According to the laws of the Catholic Church, Darius cannot reveal to the police what he learned during St. Cloud's confession. Duncan, who suspects that St. Cloud was responsible for the crime, then takes it upon himself to find him.

    S1/EP 17 - For Evil's Sake

    Duncan witnesses a murder committed by a mime, and he recognizes it as the MO of the assassin Kuyler, an immortal responsible for the death of a French baron Duncan once protected

    S1/EP 18 - Band of Brothers

    An immortal named Grayson is targeting the friends and disciples of his old friend Darius, an immortal who was once a great warrior but is now a Catholic priest. Darius sends Duncan a message warning him of Grayson's treachery, and Duncan must protect Grayson's next target

    S1/EP 20 - Saving Grace

    Grace, an Immortal who has focused on healing rather than fighting, is framed for the murder of her mortal husband by an obsessed ex-lover, the Immortal Carlo Seandaro. Duncan must step in to protect her from her own weakness.

    S1/EP 21 - The Lady and the Tiger

    Amanda, an immortal thief and former lover of Duncan, is confronted by the immortal Zachary Blaine, her former partner in crime. She convinces him not to kill her in return for providing him with the chance to take Duncan's head

    S1/EP 22 - Avenging Angel

    Gabriel Piton, an immortal fashion designer, kills one of his models after she finds a stash of stolen artifacts in his apartment. Now the girl's roommate, who is an acquaintance of Richie's, is in danger of the same fate, and Duncan, who is an old friend of Piton's, must step in to prevent his friend from killing another innocent person

    S1/EP 23 - The Beast Below

    During a rehearsal, the manager of a band is thrown from a balcony and killed while having an argument with the band's lead singer. Duncan, who is there with Tessa and Richie as guests of the backup singer, believes the manager was killed by a mentally handicapped immortal he once befriended.

    S1/EP 24 - Eye of the Beholder

    An insane man, newly turned immortal, believes he has been reborn in order to do God's work by killing sinners.

    S1/EP 25 - Nowhere to Run

    Mark Rothwood, the son of diplomat Allan Rothwood, rapes the step-daughter of the immortal Colonel Bellian. Duncan, Tessa, and Richie go to the Rothwoods' house to visit Allan, who is an old friend of Tessa's, and Bellian shows up for revenge. Believing that Rothwood deserves a fair trial, Duncan must guard the house against the siege of Bellian and his team of mercenaries.

    S1/EP 26 - The Hunters

    Duncan receives a visit from an old friend, the immortal Hugh Fitzcairn. Fitzcairn informs him that several immortals have gone missing recently, and that he thinks something isn't right. When Darius is killed in his church they know that it isn't the work of another immortal, so they vow to avenge Darius by finding who is responsible.

    S2/EP 1 - The Watchers

    The presentation episode for "THE WATCHERS""; a mysterious society of individuals dedicated to watch and write down information about immortals (like Duncan)

    S2/EP 2 - Studies in Light

    Duncan, Tessa, and Richie attend a photographic exhibit featuring Immortal Gregor, and Duncan discovers that the other exhibitor is someone he loved decades earlier, who had sent him away in order to focus on her work. She recognizes him, but he doesn't know how to tell her that he is the same man she loved. Meanwhile, Gregor appears to have changed since Duncan knew him, as he appears to have become disillusioned and can no longer feel emotion.

    S2/EP 3 - Turnabout

    Duncan takes on Charlie DeSalvo to prove he's good enough at martial arts to work out at the dojo. Dawson tells Duncan that Quenten Barnes is free and killing mortals, but Duncan refuses to get involved. Then Duncan's old friend Michael Moore turns up, determined to take Barnes' head. In flashback, Michael was unable to save his mortal girlfriend Jeanette. Barnes beats Duncan to the priest who attended his execution, as Duncan tries frantically to prevent more killings.

    S2/EP 4 - The Darkness

    Duncan proposes marriage to Tessa, but can he escape a long-ago curse as well as a mortal who uses her as bait?

    S2/EP 5 - Eye for an Eye

    When Richie interferes with Immortal Annie Devlin and her IRA gang, she vows revenge. Meanwhile, Duncan starts teaching Richie. In flashback, Duncan rescues Annie from a massacre but refuses to help her crusade.

    S2/EP 6 - The Zone

    Charlie alerts Duncan to a mysterious man who may be able to reduce violence in "the Zone

    S2/EP 7 - The Return of Amanda

    Amanda shows up at the dojo with a suspicious offer of friendship. Then Duncan helps Amanda escape from two attackers that she insists she doesn't know. In flashback to 1930s Germany, Duncan is trying to help a scientist escape when Amanda attaches herself to him to get away from police chasing her. In modern day, Duncan tells Amanda about the Watchers but they discover the men chasing her are FBI.

    S2/EP 8 - Revenge of the Sword

    Duncan allows the dojo to be used for a karate movie starring Jimmy, a former student of Charlie's. When one of the stunt men is poisoned, Duncan and Charlie think someone may be trying to kill Jimmy and suspect the Tong are involved.

    S2/EP 9 - Run for Your Life

    Duncan saved Immortal Carl Robinson from lynching in 1926 Louisiana. Carl became a famous colored league baseball star with aspirations of becoming a politician, but he has since become disillusioned after seeing years of racism and corruption. He now lives on the streets and steals to get by. When he steals Charlie's car to get away from drug dealers after stealing their money, Duncan tries to help him overcome his longstanding hatred of and distrust for whites, and he helps him deal with a racist cop who is after him.

    S2/EP 10 - Epitaph for Tommy

    Immortal Anthony Galen attacks Duncan in a deserted amusement park. Losing, he tries to escape and hits mortal Tommy Bannon with his car, killing him. Duncan feels guilty over Tommy's death and tries to console his mother. In flashback, the fiancé of Duncan's current bed partner challenges him to a duel, but accidentally stabs the girl instead. Tommy's mother asks Duncan if Tommy's death was really an accident, telling him that Tommy was an investigative reporter and he had been scared of something. Duncan decides to find the connection between Tommy and Galen

    S2/EP 11 - The Fighter

    Duncan's old friend Tommy Sullivan wants Duncan to buy a piece of his fighter George, and help him win pretty Iris.

    S2/EP 12 - Under Color of Authority

    Richie rescues a young woman being chased by Immortal Mako. In flashback, Mako shows up to capture Tim, a friend of Duncan's. Is she innocent or is she using Richie?

    S2/EP 13 - Bless the Child

    While camping in the woods Duncan and Charlie help a frightened young woman and her baby flee from an abusive father-in-law.

    S2/EP 14 - Unholy Alliance (PART 1)

    Immortal Xavier St. Cloud has mortals shoot his Immortal opponents so he can take their heads. Joe tells Duncan about the killings to warn him, and soon St. Cloud and his henchmen show up at the dojo. Duncan discovers the supposedly-dead Horton is working with St. Cloud, and Joe knew that Horton was alive. Meanwhile, an army intelligence officer named Renee Delaney gets involved while she is investigating one of the men working with St. Cloud.

    S2/EP 15 - Unholy Alliance (PART 2)

    Renee and Duncan are attracted to each other but both are more interested in finding their quarry. Charlie recovers in the hospital from his gunshot wounds. Joe is torn between his loyalty to family and his friendship for Duncan. Nevertheless, he decides to tell Duncan where Horton and St. Cloud are hiding. Duncan confronts them, but they flee to Paris and Duncan and Renee follow them.

    S2/EP 16 - The Vampire

    A friend of Duncan's is murdered in his pool. After his wake, Duncan notices an immortal named Nicholas Ward, who had once killed several people Duncan knew, arranging his victims to look like a vampire was responsible.

    S2/EP 17 - Warmonger

    Security advisor Immortal Arthur Drake kills his President just before the signing of a peace treaty. Journalist Beth Vaughan is suspicious of Drake's claim that a sex partner did the murder. Duncan keeps Eli from shooting Drake at the ballet, and Eli tells Duncan how Drake killed his family. Between Eli and Beth, Duncan is drawn into taking Drake down

    S2/EP 18 - Pharaoh's Daughter

    Duncan interrupts the attempted theft of an Egyptian sarcophagus. Inside, he finds Nefertiri. As Duncan helps her adjust to modern life, they cross paths with Marcus Constantine, who she resents for his part in the Roman domination of Egypt.

    S2/EP 19 - Legacy

    Immortal Luther kills Immortal Rebecca by holding her husband hostage. Amanda, who was once taught by Rebecca, visits Duncan to grieve. They learn that Luther believes in a myth which states that the bearer of a magical crystal will be invincible. Realizing that Luther is trying to reassemble the crystal, which Rebecca had separated and given to her disciples, they try to stop him - but not necessarily together. In flashback to 850 AD, Rebecca rescues newly-Immortal Amanda from being burned with other plague victims and teaches her to be Immortal. In flashback to 1635...

    S2/EP 20 - Prodigal Son

    Someone is following Richie, killing mortals and making it look like Richie did it, so he goes to Duncan in Paris for help.

    S2/EP 21 - Counterfeit (PART 1)

    Horton, an old mortal enemy, puts a criminal through plastic surgery to make her look like someone Duncan knows, in order to finish him once and for all

    S2/EP 22 - Counterfeit (PART 2)

    Duncan becomes infatuated with Lisa, but Richie is suspicious of the situation and confides in Joe Dawson. While Horton continues his plan to dispose of all 3 men

    S3/EP 1 - The Samurai

    A descendant of one of Duncan's teachers comes to him claiming a long-ago promise of help, that pits Duncan against cruel Immortal Michael Kent.

    S3/EP 2 - Line of Fire

    An old girlfriend of Richie's reappears, claiming he is the father of her son. Meanwhile, evil Immortal biker Kern, who killed Duncan's Native American family centuries ago, arrives into town to challenge Duncan

    S3/EP 3 - The Revolutionary

    Immortal Paul Karros, who is leading a group of Balkan revolutionaries, comes to the U.S. to try to obtain arms. When a fellow traveler, Father Stephen, is shot, Duncan becomes suspicious of Karros' agenda. Also, Duncan becomes interested in Anne Lindsey, the doctor who treats Father Stephen . Meanwhile, Charlie takes an interest in Mara, a young woman who is helping Karros with his cause.

    S3/EP 4 - The Cross of St. Antoine

    Duncan feels guilty because he could not prevent the theft of the jeweled cross or the murder of the priest in whose charge it was, so he pursues the Immortal thief across the years to restore it.

    S3/EP 5 - Rite of Passage

    Michelle, the 18-year-old adopted daughter of one of Duncan's friends, is a not-yet-Immortal until she totals her car and wakes up in the morgue. Duncan tries to comfort her grieving parents and teach her about being Immortal, but Immortal Axel wants to use her and eventually take her head, as he has done to other young woman Immortals.

    S3/EP 6 - Courage

    Immortal Brian Cullen, once Duncan's friend and the best swordsman in Europe, has lost his nerve for fighting and has turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his problems. After he crashes his car into a bus while chasing after Richie, Duncan attempts to help his old friend get his life together. Also, Duncan asks Anne to dinner after accidentally causing her to fall off her bike while he is jogging.

    S3/EP 7 - The Lamb

    Duncan and Richie come across an immortal who originally died when he was ten years old, and is therefore stuck in a child's body forever. Realizing that he will be an easy target for full-grown immortals, they decide to protect him

    S3/EP 8 - Obsession

    Duncan's Immortal friend David Keogh wants to marry Jill, but she is terrified of him and asks Duncan's help to get David to leave her alone.

    S3/EP 9 - Shadows

    Duncan is having nightmares and hallucinations of fighting against a shadowy figure wearing a dark, hooded robe. When he meets an old Immortal friend, John Garrick, at Garrick's art show, he discovers Garrick had the same hallucination. Anne wants to know why Duncan has no medical history. Will Duncan gain control of his mind, or is there something more to the problem?

    S3/EP 10 - Blackmail

    A mortal lawyer named Robert Waverly videotapes Duncan beheading another Immortal, then threatens Duncan with exposure unless Duncan kills Waverly's wife. Meanwhile, the cohort of the Immortal who Duncan killed wants revenge.

    S3/EP 11 - Vendetta

    To save his own life, Immortal Benny Carbassa promises to deliver Duncan to an aging gangster who wants to bury a secret that Duncan knows about. Meanwhile, Anne decides that she won't push Duncan to know more

    S3/EP 12 - They Also Serve

    Watcher Rita Luce is using Watcher information to help Immortal Michael Christian catch other Immortals when they are helpless so he can take their heads, and Duncan is next on her list. Meanwhile, Joe struggles with his conflicting loyalties to the Watchers and his friendship with Duncan.

    S3/EP 13 - Blind Faith

    In San Francisco, Immortal-turned-religious-leader John Kirin pushes a man out of the path of an out-of-control car and is hit himself, "dying"" in Anne's emergency room. As Anne tells his anxious followers that he didn't make it

    S3/EP 14 - Song of the Executioner

    Start of the Kalas cycle. Duncan and Anne attend a musical performance by a group of European monks, led by Duncan's old friend Immortal Brother Paul. Paul discovers that Immortal Kalas is the promoter who arranged the tour, so that he could get Paul off holy ground and settle an old score by taking his head. In flashback to 1658 Europe, Duncan finds a monastery run by Brother Paul where Immortals can retreat, and Kalas is the chief singer as well as a copyist. Another visiting Immortal, Timon, gives Duncan "Macbeth"" and offers to teach him to read it. Later

    S3/EP 15 - Star-Crossed

    In this continuation of the Kalas cycle, Duncan has fled to Paris and meets up with Hugh Fitzcairn. Fitz is madly in love with Naomi, a fellow culinary instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, but her ex-boyfriend Patrick is determined to win her back no matter how he has to get Fitz out of the way. In flashback to 1637 Verona, Fitz is pursuing the daughter of Duncan's employer, and Duncan is ordered to get Fitz out of the way. In modern day, Kalas has followed Duncan to Paris. Continuing his plan to torment Duncan by hurting the people he loves, Kalas uses Patrick as a pawn to ...

    S3/EP 16 - Methos

    Immortal Kalas is after Methos, the semi-mythical oldest Immortal, to take his head and become indestructible. Duncan is determined to find Methos first

    S3/EP 17 - Take Back the Night

    Thugs kill Immortal Ceirdwyn's mortal lover Steven, and she vows revenge. Meanwhile, as Duncan and Maurice are watching Richie at the racetrack a young pickpocket named Paolo, who is the brother of one of Steven's murderers, steals Duncan's wallet, but Duncan catches him and winds up taking him home. On the way, Duncan learns of Ceirdwyn's situation, and he attempts to get Paolo to tell him where the rest of the gang is so that he can stop Ceirdwyn from killing them. Also, Richie pushes his motorcycle racing too hard, and he must deal with the consequences. In ...

    S3/EP 18 - Testimony

    Anne arrives in France to meet Duncan, but she goes into doctor mode when a young woman collapses behind her in the airport. At the hospital, they discover that the woman was smuggling heroin inside her body for the Russian mob, and that she collapsed because the balloon burst inside her. After a hit man attempts to kill the woman in order to keep her from talking, Anne tries to convince her to testify against the mob boss, but Duncan has second thoughts when he realizes that the boss is Kristov, an immortal he once crossed paths with. Meanwhile, someone recognizes "..."

    S3/EP 19 - Moral Sins

    In 1943, small Bernard worked with the old "Résistance"" and was a friend and ally of Duncan

    S3/EP 20 - Reasonable Doubt

    In Paris, Maurice's niece Simone helps her Immortal boyfriend Lucas Kagan with an art heist that leaves two guards dead. Duncan goes to ransom the drawing and insists on meeting the boss. In flashback to 1930 Paris, Duncan is in a bank when Kagan and his Immortal mentor Tarsis rob it, leaving several people shot. Duncan fights Tarsis but lets Kagan off. In modern day, Duncan follows Simone to the bordello where she works, and he finds Kagan there. Kagan refuses to fight Duncan, saying that he might be different if Duncan had mentored him, but he never had a chance, ...

    S3/EP 21 - Finale (PART 1)

    Amanda tries to kill evil Kalas but she stupidly allows him to escape from prison instead. Joe Dawson and Adam Pearson try to convince the widow of an old friend not to expose immortals (and maybe watchers) to the world.

    S3/EP 22 - Finale (PART 2)

    Kalas kills Christine and her newspaper editor to obtain the computer disk with all Immortal and Watcher records. In 1753 Turkey, harem girl Amanda is about to have her hands chopped off for theft but Duncan rescues her. In modern day, Kalas gives Duncan a choice: let Kalas take his head, or have the Immortal/Watcher information automatically sent to every newspaper in the world. Meanwhile, the Watchers frantically search for Kalas and the disk.

    S4/EP 1 - Homeland

    The adventures of Duncan in Glenfinnan in the Highlands of Scottland both in present time and back in 1618; including his love for Debra.

    S4/EP 2 - Brothers in Arms

    Duncan and Joe arrive at the San Francisco airport, where Duncan encounters Immortal Andrew Cord being shot by a masked man - who turns out to be Charlie DeSalvo. Joe recognizes Charlie's intended Immortal victim as a former platoon-mate from Viet Nam, a soldier dedicated to maintaining unit solidarity and who saved Joe's life, but who is now selling defective weapons to Charlie & Mara's Balkan revolutionaries. Duncan is torn between loyalty to Charlie and Joe's loyalty to Cord.

    S4/EP 3 - The Innocent

    Richie finds Immortal Mikey, a railroad-fascinated autistic man, wandering after Immortal Alan, Mikey's last protector, is killed. Richie and Duncan take Mikey in, but he is a trouble magnet, and the Immortal who killed his protector is now after him. Also, Duncan buys a decrepit house. In flashback to 1868 Dakota Territory, Duncan interferes with a white man beating an Indian boy

    S4/EP 4 - Leader of the Pack

    Immortal Kanis is using attack dogs to injure Immortals so he can easily take their heads, and Duncan is his next target. Meanwhile, Richie encounters the young man who killed Tessa and made him Immortal, and demands vengeance. In flashback to 1785 England, Kanis has his dogs hunting a young boy and McLeod kills one

    S4/EP 5 - Double Eagle

    In flashback to 1888 San Francisco, Amanda wins Immortal Kit's casino from him at poker. In modern day, still hating each other, Amanda comes to visit Duncan the same day Kit appears in town, desperate to buy a racehorse named Double Eagle. When Kit and Amanda wind up joint owners of Double Eagle, the fireworks start.

    S4/EP 6 - Reunion

    Kenny, the Immortal in a child's body, has returned. He runs to Anne for help when Immortal Terence Kincaid is after him, and she calls Duncan. In flashback to 1778 South Pacific, Kincaid is the self-absorbed captain of the ship Duncan works on. When mutineers want to behead Captain Kincaid, Duncan convinces them to maroon him on a deserted island instead. In modern day, Kenny and Amanda turn out to know each other. In flashback to 1182 England, Amanda finds newly-Immortal Kenny after his family has been killed by Normans and teaches him. In modern day, having Kenny ...

    S4/EP 7 - The Colonel

    Duncan is kidnapped on orders of "the Colonel."" Amanda takes a young thief under her wing who starts mimicking her appearance. In flashback to 1918 France

    S4/EP 8 - Reluctant Heroes

    Duncan and Richie foil an attempted murder by Immortal Kinman, but the intended victim's wife is killed by a stray bullet, and Richie doesn't understand why Duncan won't testify against Kinman. In flashback to 1712 England, Duncan is unable to prevent Kinman from goading a young friend into a duel and then killing him. Meanwhile, in present day, the victim's husband calls Duncan a coward for refusing to testify.

    S4/EP 9 - The Wrath of Kali

    Duncan and Richie attend the opening of an exhibit featuring the Bengal Kali, a bronze statue sacred to the now-extinct Indian assassin cult of Thuggees. Immortal Kamir, last of the Thuggees, is determined to reclaim the Kali for India, and he wants Duncan's help. In flashback to 1764 British-Occupied India, Duncan is trying to track down the Thuggees and prevents young widow Vashti from committing suttee on her dead husband's pyre. In present day, Duncan discovers Kamir has killed a mortal to reclaim the Kali, but Kamir insists Duncan not judge him, for he is a ...

    S4/EP 10 - Chivalry

    Immortal Kristin is killing mortals, which Duncan hates but he cannot make himself take her head because they were once lovers.

    S4/EP 11 - Timeless

    Immortal Walter Graham is trying to kill pre-Immortal Claudia Jardine, a brilliant pianist, so that she will remain young and at her creative peak forever. In flashback to England 1663, Duncan and Graham are traveling players, and Walter regrets his ability to recognize brilliance while lacking genius of his own. Meanwhile, Methos falls in love with Alexa and is devastated when Joe tells him she is terminally ill

    S4/EP 12 - The Blitz

    Duncan and Anne aid victims during a modern-day tragedy. In flashbacks to WWII London, Duncan and his mortal girlfriend Diane are trapped under a collapsed building.

    S4/EP 13 - Something Wicked

    Duncan's Immortal friend Jim Coltec has killed one too many evil Immortals and has become the victim of a Dark Quickening. If Duncan has to take Coltec's head, will the Dark Quickening overpower him as well?

    S4/EP 14 - Deliverance

    Duncan, still under the influence of the Dark Quickening, arrives in France. In flashback to 1917 France, Duncan is an ambulance driver and his Immortal friend Sean Burns psychoanalyzes the mental victims. In present day, Methos and Sean Burns try to get through to Duncan.

    S4/EP 15 - Promises

    Duncan saves the life of President Hamad, a visiting politician, whose assistant is Immortal Kassim. But it turns out Kassim was arranging the assassination of the cruel Hamad to allow Nasir, descendant of the Moorish kings Kassim served, to take over the government. Now Kassim wants Duncan to kill Hamad in order to repay an old debt that Duncan owes him.

    S4/EP 16 - Methuselah's Gift

    Someone is willing to do anything to put the Methuselah Stone back together and use its power -- and Amanda has the last piece.

    S4/EP 17 - The Immortal Cimoli

    Magician Danny Cimoli is delighted to discover he cannot die and promptly incorporates being killed into his act. When Duncan tries to teach Danny about Immortals and defending himself, Danny doesn't take Duncan seriously.

    S4/EP 18 - Through A Glass, Darkly

    In flashback to 1700's Scotland, Duncan and Immortal Warren Cochrane are among those fighting for Bonnie Prince Charlie. But only Duncan eventually realizes that the Scots must abandon the prince or be slaughtered in one mismanaged battle after another. In modern day, Goddard is paranoid and confused. He has forgotten he is Immortal. As Duncan helps him remember his past, he remembers that he blames Duncan for Charlie's failure to capture the Scottish and English thrones.

    S4/EP 19 - Double Jeopardy

    When an Immortal uses poison gas to rob a jewelry store, killing several mortals, Duncan recognizes the MO of Xavier St. Cloud, who is dead -- isn't he?

    S4/EP 20 - Till Death

    The de Valcourts are two Immortals who have been married, to each other, for two centuries. When their 300th anniversary turns into a marital battle and they separate, Duncan and Hugh try to get them together again.

    S4/EP 21 - Judgement Day

    Jack Shapiro tricks Joe into coming to Paris to face a Watcher trial. Duncan tracks Joe down, complicating Joe's situation even though he is trying to help. Meanwhile, Immortal Jacob Galati is tracking down and killing Watchers.

    S4/EP 22 - One Minute to Midnight

    Continuation of "Judgment Day."" The Watchers believe Duncan has been killing Watchers

    S5/EP 1 - Prophecy

    In the Scottish Highlands in 1606, while pursuing a wolf, a young Duncan meets Cassandra, a wise immortal who foretells him that he will be the one to fulfill an important prophecy.

    S5/EP 2 - The End of Innocence

    Richie is haunted by bitter dreams of Duncan trying to kill him, burying his fear by picking fights. Duncan is haunted by the need to eliminate his friendship with Watcher Joe. But when one of Richie's Immortal victims turns out to have been the protégé of Immortal Haresh Clay, Duncan and Joe between them may not be able to save Richie.

    S5/EP 3 - Manhunt

    Immortal Carl Robinson has a great baseball career until he is seen killing another Immortal and forced to run for his life. He asks Duncan for help, but when another man is arrested for the murder, Duncan becomes Carl's conscience as Immortal police detective Matthew McCormick pursues Carl. In flashback to 1859 Louisiana, Carl is a runaway slave, again fleeing for his life. McCormick helps Carl but Carl eventually kills some slaver friends of McCormick's.

    S5/EP 4 - Glory Days

    Duncan encounters Johnny K, who he last knew as a small-time hood during Prohibition. Since Johnny is now a professional assassin, he decides Duncan must die before he can identify Johnny. Meanwhile, Joe is flabbergasted when an old girlfriend appears in his bar and is apparently interested in rekindling the old flame.

    S5/EP 5 - Dramatic License

    Carolyn Marsh is a romance author whose latest book features the exploits of a hero named Duncan MacLeod and a villain named Terence Coventry, the name of another Immortal who Duncan knows -- and who Carolyn knows well. As Carolyn puts the moves on Duncan and tries to convince him to help promote the book, she gets into a catfight with Amanda. Meanwhile, Terence is furious at Carolyn for portraying him as a villain.

    S5/EP 6 - Money No Object

    When Amanda disappears into a van after a robbery, Richie thinks she has been kidnapped and goes after her. He finds her with Cory Raines, an old acquaintance of Duncan's and Amanda's who has always brought them trouble. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the money that Cory stole belongs to a mobster, and he wants his money back. In flashback to 1926, Amanda leaves Duncan and their circus act to join Cory on a bank-robbing spree.

    S5/EP 7 - Haunted

    In flashback to 1880s San Francisco, Duncan's Immortal friend Alec mourns the murder of his young wife Genevieve by Kragen, but is convinced her spirit is still around. In modern day, Alec has been killed by Kragen, but his mortal widow Jennifer is convinced that Alec's spirit can't leave until Duncan keeps his promise to kill Kragen.

    S5/EP 8 - Little Tin God

    Immortal Larca is killing young people who will turn Immortal, then making them believe he is God and has raised them from the dead to defeat his enemy Satan, aka Duncan.

    S5/EP 9 - The Messenger

    An Immortal "Messenger"" of pacifism

    S5/EP 10 - The Valkyrie

    In flashback, Duncan and Immortal Ingrid tackle the Nazis in 1935 Germany. In modern day, Ingrid has assassinated a Russian politician and Duncan wants to stop her from killing her next target, an American white-power advocate.

    S5/EP 11 - Comes a Horseman

    In flashback to 1867 Texas, Duncan is part of a posse after Immortal Koren and his gang of raiders. In modern day, Duncan's friend Immortal Cassandra is also after Koren, but she tells Duncan he is also Kronos, one of the Four Horsemen who brought terror and death to mankind through the ages. Meanwhile, Cassandra reveals Methos was also one of the Horsemen, which shocks Duncan into ending their friendship.

    S5/EP 12 - Revelation 6:8

    Sequel to 'Comes a Horseman.' Methos leads Kronos to the remaining two horsemen, and the four of them plan to destroy humanity via a water-borne virus.

    S5/EP 13 - The Ransom of Richard Redstone

    Richie, posing as an American millionaire, winds up kidnapped by a charming French girl who needs 2,000,000 francs to save the family chateau.

    S5/EP 14 - Duende (aka The Mysterious Circle)

    In 1971, Otavio Consone killed Anna's fiancé and the father of her unborn child. In modern day, Consone is pursuing Anna's grown daughter, and Duncan is suspicious of Consone's motives.

    S5/EP 15 - The Stone of Scone

    In flashback, Hugh Fitzcairn tricks Duncan into helping steal the crown jewels; in modern day, Duncan tricks Amanda into helping to steal the Stone of Scone so he can return it to Scotland.

    S5/EP 16 - Forgive Us Our Trespasses

    The bloody Scottish attempt to put Bonnie Prince Charlie on the English throne in 1746 brings Immortal Steven Keane to seek revenge on Duncan in modern-day Paris

    S5/EP 17 - The Modern Prometheus

    Duncan visits Lord Byron and the Shelleys, inspiring Mary Shelley to write 'Frankenstein.'

    S5/EP 18 - Archangel

    An archaeologist whose research predicts the imminent release of a thousand-year evil also predicts the champion who can defeat it: Duncan MacLeod.

    S6/EP 1 - Avatar

    Ahriman continues to torment Duncan by killing mortals. He re-animates his latest victim to serve him, threatening to kill her brother if she does not cooperate.

    S6/EP 2 - Armageddon

    Duncan may have found the key to defeating the demon, but will he have the courage to use it?

    S6/EP 3 - Sins of the Father

    Immortal Alex couldn't keep the Nazis from killing her Jewish love, so she aids his son in righting a wrong done to a group of murdered Jews from the Warsaw ghetto, killing one of Duncan's friends in the process.

    S6/EP 4 - Diplomatic Immunity

    Duncan is torn when the wife of one friend is killed by another friend, ho happens to be the son of a foreign diplomat and beyond the reach of law.

    S6/EP 5 - Patient Number 7

    Immortal Kyra develops hysterical amnesia after she fails to prevent the murder of a judge she was hired to protect and then fell in love with. Fortunately, she runs into old friend Duncan before her would-be killers find her.

    S6/EP 6 - Black Tower

    Duncan's date is kidnapped to lure him into a deadly game: he must rescue her before any of Immortal Marek's hired killers can find and kill him.

    S6/EP 7 - Unusual Suspects

    When Immortal Hugh Fitzcairn is "murdered

    S6/EP 8 - Justice

    Duncan has a new fencing partner who invites him out to lunch. Shortly thereafter Duncan foils an attempt by another Immortal, Katia, to kill his partner. Amid two different sides of the story Duncan struggles to find the truth.

    S6/EP 9 - Deadly Exposure

    Immortal bounty hunter Reagan is trying to enjoy a vacation in Paris when she witnesses the murder of a photographer who accidentally took a picture of an elusive terrorist, and she needs Duncan's help to unravel the story.

    S6/EP 10 - Two of Hearts

    Immortal Katherine's village was decimated 700 years ago at the orders of another Immortal. Now she and her mortal lover are finally in a position to take revenge.

    S6/EP 11 - Indiscretions

    Adam Pierson aka Methos tries to avenge the sufferings inflicted by Immortal Morgan Walker on helpless victims over several hundred years.

    S6/EP 12 - To Be (PART 1 to #97613)

    When Amanda and Joe are captured by Immortal Liam O'Rourke, Duncan surrenders himself to save their lives. But a gunfight leaves him in a netherworld where he never lived, with Fitz as his guide.

    S6/EP 13 - Not To Be (PART 2 to #97612)

    Duncan's tour of the Duncan-less world continues with Tessa, who is living an empty married life, and other friends who are living equally sad lives.


    To Be (PART 1 to #97613) - When Amanda and Joe are captured by Immortal Liam O'Rourke, Duncan surrenders himself to save their lives. But a gunfight leaves him in a netherworld where he never lived, with Fitz as his guide.
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