Can you match these saloons to the correct Western show?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: January 19, 2024, 1:05PM

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There are some things you can count on in every Western — horses, ten-gallon hats, showdowns. And saloons, of course. Where else to hold a barroom brawl? 

Some Westerns made saloons centerpieces of the action — and the owners were central characters. Other shows occasionally popped in to wet their whistles. 

We've gathered some saloons from classic television Westerns. Try to match them to the correct series! Look at the cowboys for hints!

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  1. The Long Branch Saloon was a central location on this Western. Perhaps you know the owner, Ms. Russell.
  2. The North Fork Saloon was the obvious name for a bar located in North Fork.
  3. The boys often got in barroom brawls at the Silver Dollar Saloon.
  4. This show recycled the set from 'Casablanca' and turned it into "La Cantina Americana." Recognize the hat?
  5. The Modesto Saloon was the local watering hole on this Western.
  6. O'Rourke operated the saloon on this show.
  7. The Alhambra Saloon sign hung in the opening credits of this Western. Recognize the star?
  8. The Lady Gay was a lesser-known saloon on this series.
  9. Lily Merrill ran the Birdcage Saloon in Laramie, Wyoming, on this series.
  10. You can see the main character walking into Toby's Jumping Jack, located on Gallatin Street, New Orleans, on this show.
Can you match these saloons to the correct Western show?

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