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Comic book heroes always find themselves in dangerous, insane situations that ordinary people would avoid. Yet, that's why they're heroes: they dare to fight against anything, and they don't think twice about saving someone in need of their help. Think of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, for instance. Those three never back down from a fight, and they're never the ones to start it. But you can bet that they'll finish it!

For this quiz, we thought of some crazy situations, and we want you to pick the hero that you believe has the best chance of surviving it. It might be tough to choose since Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are all smart, but go with your first choice! 

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  1. Piles of rocks began to cover the only entrance/exit of a cave. Water is also starting to seep through the cracks of the walls. Which hero could survive this situation?
  2. If multiple 2,000lbs snakes were hovering over one of these heroes, who would most likely survive?
  3. If an ice storm engulfed their town or planet, which hero would survive?
  4. A villain found a way to bring back dead people. They now have an army with the sole purpose of torturing one of these heroes. Which hero would out-smart the villain and their army the quickest?
  5. Aliens from outer space have found a way to poison one of these heroes. Which would survive?
  6. Fireballs the size of basketballs are falling from the sky. One falls on a hero. Which hero would survive?
  7. If millions of ants' crawl onto one of these heroes at once, which would survive?
  8. A vast sinking hole is in the street, and a car drives into it. As the car falls deeper into the hole, it becomes pitch black. The car finally hits the "center of the earth," but which hero would easily climb their way out?

Battle of the comic book heroes: Which hero can survive these situations?

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