Can you name these guest stars on Walker, Texas Ranger?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 22, 2023, 1:40PM
When there's trouble down in Texas, Ranger Cordell Walker answers the call. With his trusty partner James Trivette, Walker cracks down on crime in the Lone Star State and meets some pretty interesting people along the way. Can you recognize some of the people Walker meets throughout Texas? Good luck!

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  1. He's a prolific character actor with a distinctive voice.
  2. You might not recognize him without the makeup, but he was an 80's horror icon!
  3. You could catch her most recently on The Walking Dead.
  4. With over 400 credits to his name, you've definitely seen him before!
  5. This kid actor could see dead people!
  6. She was the lead for two Nightmare on Elm Street movies.
  7. You may know his brother.
  8. She was a sci-fi heroine in the '70s!
  9. He was a big part of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul!
  10. This lady sure knows how to rock!
Can you name these guest stars on Walker, Texas Ranger?

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