How well do you know the career of Jack Lord?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: March 17, 2022, 4:57PM
Poet, painter, and actor are just a few of the many talents of Jack Lord. Making a name for himself during the '50s and '60s in various westerns and spy thrillers, Lord is a television icon. 

After landing his legendary role of Detective Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O, Lord fiercely devoted himself to the state by becoming an advocate and spokesperson for many humanitarian efforts around the islands.

But how well do you know the career of the great Jack Lord? Test your knowledge with the quiz below!

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  1. What 1949 film was his first credited on-screen appearance?
  2. Which of these 007 movies did he star in?
  3. Which of these Westerns did he NOT appear in?
  4. Which character did he almost play in Star Trek: The Original Series?
  5. True or False: Jack Lord is the only actor to appear in all 281 episodes of Hawaii Five-O
  6. Jack Lord is a stage name - what is his real name?
  7. Which recurring 007 character was Jack Lord the first ever to play?
  8. True or False: Jack Lord served in WWII
  9. Which of these 60s spy TV series did he guest star in?
  10. He appeared in two different roles in which popular WWII TV series?
How well do you know the career of Jack Lord?

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