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If you were in Texas, we'd say, "Look behind you!" Because that's where the ranger would be (ha, see what we did there!). If you were in an action movie, you probably wouldn't have time to talk to us, but luckily, you're here with this quiz. 

When you think of action movies, the 1950s may not be the first decade that comes to mind, but some classics came from that time. 

Let's see if you know the difference between a 1950s action film and Walker, Texas Ranger episodes. 

Good luck.

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  1. Title: Broken Arrow
  2. Title: Hall Of Fame
  3. Title: Convicted
  4. Title: Rocky Mountain
  5. Title: Survival
  6. Title: Full Contact
  7. Title: Armored Car Robbery
  8. Title: A Matter of Principle
  9. Title: Black Hand
  10. Title: Lazarus

Are these 1950s action movies or Walker, Texas Ranger episodes?

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