Can you name these characters from 'Hawaii Five-O'?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 3, 2022, 1:31PM

From 1968–80, Hawaii Five-O helped put our 50th state on the map. After all, the islands had only been a state for a decade when the show first aired. The stunning tropical locales and wonderful locals featured on the detective show made millions of Americans yearn for a flight to Honolulu.

Jack Lord starred as the tough and cool Steve McGarrett, catching criminals before commanding his underling Danny (James MacArthur) to "book 'em." But Danno was not the only one helping McGarrett nab the bad guys. There was an entire police station on the case.

The following faces showed up dozens of times on the series. Many of the characters even show up in the modern-day reboot, which could help you ace this quiz. See if you can successfully ride the wave of questions. Good luck and mahalo!

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  1. We all know "Danno." But what is Danny's last name?
  2. Kam Fong played this detective who turned up in most episodes.
  3. Who is this member of the Five-O task force?
  4. The detective joined the team in season five. The actor, Al Harrington, plays another role on the new series.
  5. She was the secretary of McGarrett in the later episodes.
  6. This detective had an intimidating name.
  7. Who was this powerful figure, who showed up in more than 70 episodes?
  8. This crime lord was the ultimate adversary of McGarrett.
  9. Can you identify this forensic scientist? No DNA sampling allowed.
  10. This HPD officer was accused of corruption before clearing his name and becoming a key member of the team.
  11. Finally, we end with the medical examiner. What was his name?
Can you name these characters from 'Hawaii Five-O'?

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