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In today's generation, many horror movies and villains scare children and teens. It could be Michael Myers and the Halloween film series, Dracula, maybe even Pennywise from IT. However, back in the '50s, it was The Blob.

No, this "gooey" thing wasn't a human, but it ate humans like appetizers, and that's pretty scary on its own. The film starred Steve McQueen (credited as Steven McQueen) and Aneta Corsaut (known for her role as Helen Crump on The Andy Griffith Show. The budget was only $110,000, and the film made $4 million! 

If you remember this movie as a youngin', and it gave you a scare, take this quiz to see how well you remember it.

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  1. When a meteorite crashes near Lovers' lane, Barney, an old man living nearby, goes to check it out. What did he stick it with?
  2. Which body part did the Blob engulf when the meteorite opened?
  3. Who almost hits Barney with their car after he ran into the street?
  4. After taking Barney to Dr. Hallen, what does Hallen ask Steve and Jane to do?
  5. What happens before the doctor can amputate Barney's arm?
  6. What do Steve and Jane do after witnessing the Blob eat Dr. Hallen?
  7. After the Blob and its victims were nowhere to be found, who thought Steve's story about the Blob was a prank?
  8. Who was the Blob's next victim?
  9. Who did Steve recruit to help spread the word about the Blob?
  10. Steve and Jane noticed that his father's grocery store is unlocked. When they go inside to investigate, the janitor is not there. What happens next?
  11. After escaping the freezer, Steve and Jane gather their friends and....
  12. The police FINALLY believe Steve and Jane after...
  13. Steve, Jane and her brother become trapped in a diner after the Blob engulfs the diner. When the police tell them to hide inside the diner's shelter, what happens next?
  14. What keeps the Blob away, but doesn't kill it?
  15. What happens last after everyone is armed with CO2 fire extinguishers and surrounds the Blob?

Before the Wild West: How well do you remember Steve McQueen's fight against The Blob?

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