Are these Tom Cruise movies or episodes of The A-Team?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: August 11, 2023, 10:39AM

High-speed car chases, explosions in spades, iconic catchphrases with charisma to spare – these descriptions fit the classic series The A-Team as well as many action movies starring Tom Cruise. Both debuted in the Eighties and are still entertaining audiences to this day.

Everyone knows blockbusters like Top Gun and the Mission: Impossible movies, but how well do you know Mr. Cruise’s many other films?

We’ve mixed together titles of A-Team episodes with Tom Cruise movies. Can you tell them apart?

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  1. The Color of Money
  2. Trial by Fire
  3. Till Death Do Us Part
  4. The Outsiders
  5. Road Games
  6. Collateral
  7. The Sound of Thunder
  8. Legend
  9. Far and Away
  10. Bullets and Bikinis
  11. Cocktail
  12. Knight and Day
  13. Deadly Maneuvers
  14. Double Heat
  15. Losin’ It
  16. The Island
  17. Days of Thunder
  18. Beneath the Surface
  19. Steel
  20. Lions for Lambs
Are these Tom Cruise movies or episodes of The A-Team?

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