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Beauty standards change as society evolves; however, true beauty is always within. No matter how many beauty competitions are created, at some point, society must look past physical appearance and start learning the true value of beauty. Lynda Carter was well aware of this, even though she was named the most beautiful woman in the world in 1978.

According to a Casper Star-Tribune article, the London-based International Academy of Beauty named Lynda Carter the most beautiful woman in the world — without ever seeing her in person. So, how did they come to this conclusion? Was it because of her 1973 Miss World-USA title or her dominating role as Diana Prince, a.k.a. the marvelous Wonder Woman?

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British Fashion Designer Bill Gibb and the Academy studied photos of actresses, models, and supposedly even police mugshots to make their decision.

The article reads, "Lynda was told she was selected the most beautiful woman in the world on the basis of one particular portrait that fell into the hands of the academy. One may also assume that the academy restricts its analysis to facial beauty..."

Carter was flattered but also knew what having that honor meant.

"What can you possibly say? Terrific. I thought it was great. This honor came as a complete surprise... They judged me on a photograph that has been my favorite. It's just a headshot of me looking straight into a camera. There's nothing phony about it."

She continued, "Beauty is important, especially to an actress. But it is important to get past it too... Beauty cannot be sustained unless there's something beyond it. I used to feel bound by [it], but not anymore."

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