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No superhero has captivated television audiences quite like Wonder Woman. For three seasons, Wonder Woman fought bad guys in two different eras, went undercover as Diana Prince and proved there's a place on television for powerful women.

The show remains so beloved today because of Lynda Carter's expert portrayal of the iconic superhero. Even 40 years after the show premiered, audiences around the world still equate the powerful Wonder Woman with the equally enthralling actress.

When you're not watching Carter as Wonder Woman on Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night on MeTV, you can catch a few glimpses of her behind-the-scenes right here.

Here's Lynda learning to skateboard with some guest stars in the season three episode "Skateboard Whiz."

Carter dons Wonder Woman's iconic blue swimsuit while filming the season two episode "The Bermuda Triangle Crisis."

Wonder Woman's red boots aren't the only ones that Carter wore in the late '70s. 

The former Miss World USA from Arizona felt right at home filming season one's "Beauty on Parade."

While she wasn't fighting crime as Wonder Woman, Carter relaxed with glass of white wine.

Crime doesn't take a break, and neither does Wonder Woman.

Whatever this guy wants, he doesn't look too happy about it.

In a promo shot for the series, Carter gets wrapped up in patriotism. 

Carter looks pensive in the middle of all the action. Maybe she's plotting her next move?

The vintage cars are a dead giveaway this behind-the-scenes shot is from season one.

Bonus: Here's a lovely candid shot of Debra Winger as Wonder Girl.

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