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Wonder Woman is a rare feminist symbol of courage, strength and resilience on television. 

But who says Lynda Carter doesn't embody all those traits as well? In the 1970s, Carter portrayed the superhero and eventually became synonymous with the character.

While filming Wonder Woman in the 1970s, a stunt double named Jeannie Epper typically stepped in for Carter in difficult scenes.

But in some cases, Carter performed her own challenging stunts. We're not talking about little jumps and punches. No, we're talking about flying into the air with no wrist guards and no safety net. 

That's exactly what Carter did in the season two episode "Anschluss 77." While filming the episode, it became clear the stunt double didn't look anything like Carter. 

With the sun setting and the chance to shoot the scene diminishing, Carter chose not to waste any more time. She held onto the aircraft with her bare hands as it ascended. 

Of course, Carter says she got into trouble with the network after filming wrapped. But she adds it was totally worth it.

"It was so much fun," she confessed. "Where else in your life can you have all these adventures?"

Can you think of another actor who would do a stunt like that?

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