Walker, Texas Ranger show runners were very against putting Walker in a coma

By: H&I Staff     Posted: December 17, 2021, 11:04AM

In the season three episode ‘Till Death Do us Part,’ the series made the daring move of putting their star hero in a coma. Trying to rescue a young girl trapped in a wrecked car, Walker successfully saves her life right before falling with the car off a bridge.

Still alive after the fall, Walker was put into a coma for the majority of the episode. Walker’s friends family and loved ones all come by the hospital to share important moments they had with the character, including the first time many of them had met.

This episode was the first writing credit for Walker, Texas Ranger co-star Sheree J. Wilson, although not with some pushback. When pitching the idea to put Walker in a coma for an entire episode, the showrunners of the series were less than thrilled.

“They were not having it! ‘You are not putting our superhero into a coma!’ And we were like “wait! wait!,” said Sheree J. Wilson about the studio’s response to her episode idea.

With the support of the cast, Wilson fought for her episode because she wanted to use it as a moment to show what Walker meant to everyone on the show. Rather than just having Chuck Norris on a hospital bed for a whole episode, each character would take turns remembering their time knowing the Texas Ranger.

"It was absolutely one of the top ten rated shows because it really got people to understand where Alex and Walker met, and how they were butting heads at first."

Interested in the chance to see the backstory of many established characters on the show, the studio eventually greenlit the story. The episode would feature a look into the first time when Alex and Walker met one another, becoming one of the most important and heartfelt stories of the entire series.

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