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Whoever started the belief that you have to slow down as you get older, Chuck Norris is the perfect example of why that's not entirely true. Of course, you can't do everything you used to as a young adult, but we have to stop associating older age with "being fragile and helpless." In his Eighties, Chuck Norris is feeling just as good.

"I'm grateful to feel strong, healthy, and energized," the Walker, Texas Ranger star told The Healthy Reader's Digest in 2023. "I don't see age as a reason to slow down—if anything, it's given me an opportunity to renew my commitment to fitness and nutrition. I make sure to add movement whenever I can each day and fuel my body with nutrients that have helped me feel younger than ever."

This mindset and his decades-long credits are why the actor has dedicated supporters. In the interview, he shared wisdom about prioritizing good energy.

"I appreciate all the love and support from my fans, and I suggest to them to decide what matters most to you and center your life around that—good things will follow."

He continued, "For me, my values are freedom, family, fitness, faith, and fight. Prioritizing fitness and nutrition allows me to be more active with my loved ones, and a healthy body will offer me many happy years with them. Exercising with my family is a meaningful experience; my children are just as passionate about martial arts as I am. They are incredibly talented, too. So, engaging with your friends and family in these physical activities is another piece of my "wisdom" for longevity. I've always said, 'A family that trains together stays together.'"

You can do so many exercises at home, so you don't always have to leave your safe space. However, it also takes determination to prioritize fitness. Once you have that determination, you'll be just like Norris, empowered and in control of your health and fitness journey.

Will you take Norris's advice and embark on a journey of health and fitness? Let it inspire and motivate you to take action for your own health and well-being.

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