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If someone tells you that you look like the heartthrob of the 1950s, it's safe to assume that it's high praise. 

However, it's an especially wonderful compliment if it's included in a newspaper article regarding your feature film debut. An Associated Press article once described Lee Majors as such: "He's 24, looks like a blonde Elvis Presley, and has the build of a football halfback, which he once was." 

Majors was already known for his work on The Big Valley, which might be considered the beginning of his TV career, but the article made sure to detail the start of his film career, in addition to his resemblance to The King. 

Our favorite Presley lookalike began not as a singer or even an actor, but rather as a football player. When an injury ended his sports career, Majors became a recreation director with the City of Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an actor. Luckily, his new home was near the studio which would soon make him a star.

Majors said, "I lived right across the street from Four Star [where they filmed The Big Valley]. I used to sit on the porch in the morning and watch the actors go through the gate. That started me thinking."

Majors was also motivated by his love of actor James Dean, whose agent later became Majors' agent as well. He said, "When I was younger, I read everything I could find about James Dean. A name that stuck with me in my mind was Dick Clayton, who had been Dean's agent and friend. I went to see him and asked if he had any ideas of how I could become an actor."

Majors stated that while Clayton wasn't particularly interested in him at the time, but encouraged him to take acting lessons. After Majors gained some experience in those classes, Clayton agreed to take him on as a client and eventually secured him an audition for The Big Valley.

So move over Austin Butler and Jacob Elordi. There's a new Elvis in town, and he's got big dreams!

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