How well do you remember the Star Trek episode “The Naked Time”?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: March 28, 2022, 1:25PM

Many original Star Trek episodes stand out as fan-favorites because of intriguing storylines, unique aliens or situations that let us see characters in a new light. 

The classic installment “The Naked Time” reveals what happens when an unknown alien substance lowers the inhibitions of Enterprise crewmembers to the point where they act on their wildest impulses. This naturally leads to delightful moments that have now become iconic parts of the franchise.

How well do you remember this beloved episode? Try your luck below!

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  1. Who beams down to the ice planet Psi 2000 at the very beginning?
  2. Why is the Enterprise in orbit around Psi 2000?
  3. Sulu explains fencing to crewman Riley, who then complains that Sulu first tried to get him interested in what?
  4. Who is the nurse working with Dr. McCoy?
  5. What does Sulu suggest he and Riley do?
  6. Sulu yells “Richelieu, beware!” naming the antagonist of which famous swordsmen?
  7. On the bridge, who does Sulu call Richelieu?
  8. Riley locks himself in the engineering control room and starts doing what?
  9. Speaking over the PA system, Riley calls himself the captain and says everyone onboard can have what?
  10. Under the influence of the alien substance, Nurse Chapel confesses her love for who?
  11. The Enterprise is in danger of what?
  12. How long does Scotty say it will take to warm up the engines?
  13. McCoy discovers the substance passes from person to person through what?
  14. Which character was NOT affected by the substance?
  15. What does the crew discover at the end of the episode?
How well do you remember the Star Trek episode “The Naked Time”?

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