Try to guess the classic TV western from its comic book adaptation

By: H&I Staff     Posted: June 14, 2019, 2:00PM
Westerns were the original multimedia experience. Kids growing up in the 1950s could watch their favorite cowboys on the TV screen. They could skip to school swinging the official lunch box. Later that night, they could slip into pajamas and sheets branded with the Western. Perhaps then they would flick on a flashlight and read more adventures in the official comic book adaptations.

And just about every single TV Western had a comic book. Dell Publishing, in particular, made a mint printing up Western adaptations. 

We've gathered a bunch of them below. Try to match them to the correct television series!
  1. Try to free yourself from this situation.
  2. Match this man in black to the right show.
  3. What is the name of this fellow?
  4. It helps that they wore the same wardrobe on the comics page.
  5. This one should come to you as easy as money falling out of a blanket.
  6. These characters look a little different in full comic book color.
  7. Which Western is this?
  8. Perhaps that distinctive hat will give it away.
  9. This dapper gentleman was based on a real-life figure.
  10. This is an image from the cover from which Western comic?
  11. This is a page from a 'Wagon Train' comic. But who is the character with the fringed jacket?
  12. Who is this fellow with the suede fringe?
  13. This comic was a crossover with both Vint Bonner and Tom Brewster. They were the main characters on which two shows?
Try to guess the classic TV western from its comic book adaptation

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