Do you know the ranks to these A-Team characters?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: July 11, 2023, 10:02AM

There's a lot of big players with high military or ex-military ranks in The A-Team. The series is based on four ex-commando unit members who are on the run from a military court, for a crime they didn't commit. 

Several other characters, including those who are trying to track down The A-Team, are also high-ranking officials. 

We're going to give you a character name from The A-Team, and it's up to you to guess their correct rank! 

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  1. What rank was John Hannibal Smith, the leader of The A-Team?
  2. What about B.A. Baracus?
  3. What military rank was Faceman Peck?
  4. How about the A-Team's pilot, Howling Mad Murdock?
  5. Francis Lynch was in charge at Fort Bragg, where the A-Team escaped from. What is his rank?
  6. What about Roderick Decker?
  7. The right-hand of Decker is this man, Mr. Crane. What is his rank?
  8. What about "Bull" Fullbright? What rank precedes his name?
  9. Hunt Stockwell blackmails The A-Team in the final season. What was his former rank?
Do you know the ranks to these A-Team characters?

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