Can you match these movies to the TV Western with the same name?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: September 13, 2021, 2:32PM

While names like Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Wagon Train, Cheyenne and more are famous from their time on the small screen, these titles showed up on the big one as well. Sometimes a movie and a show shared a name and nothing else, other times there was at least some connection.

Here are ten movies that have the same names as classic TV Westerns. Can you guess which series each movie shares with?

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  1. This Nineties reboot naturally had the same name as which TV Western?
  2. This was another Nineties movie inspired by classic TV, except without "The" at the beginning.
  3. This 1946 film shares its name with a TV Western because they're both based on the same book.
  4. Though they're one and the same, this 1947 feature gets its title from a place while the series is named for a person.
  5. Can you tell which title (and real-life character) this movie shares with a TV show?
  6. This 1987 movie and a classic series share a name because Rutger Hauer plays a descendent of the character from the show.
  7. This 1971 Burt Lancaster Western shares a name with which series?
  8. Which TV Western does this movie share a name with?
  9. Which TV show name does this film also use?
  10. This 1951 Susan Hayward-Tyrone Power Western shares a name with which show that premiered eight years later?
Can you match these movies to the TV Western with the same name?

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