Can you match the synopsis to the right Walker, Texas Ranger Episode?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 22, 2022, 1:50PM
Walker, Texas Ranger follows Chuck Norris as the titular hero, taking down crime in the Lone Star State. Can you match these synopses to their correct episode? 

Let's find out!

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  1. Walker fears he may have to take down an old friend in town from Japan, knowing the man has ties to the Japanese mob.
  2. Walker gets a sinking feeling in his guts when, after arresting two guys for trying to rob a club and shooting the bartender, Alex sets them free and won't give them a reason as to why it all happened.
  3. Rustlers are stealing cattle and selling them. A cattle inspector tracks the group down, but is killed when he tries to arrest them. Walker and Trivette pick up the investigation of the rustlers and find the one who killed the inspector.
  4. CD's niece Dory is about to get married, but her jealous ex-boyfriend escapes from prison and kidnaps her. Dory is forced to help with bank robberies.
  5. A local gang is destroying businesses and starting turf wars. They threaten a boy in Walker's karate class and force him to join the gang. The Rangers must save the boy and stop the turf wars.
  6. Trivette's cousin is killed when he learns soldiers are stealing supplies from the base. The killers are part of a white-supremacist group; the leader is arrested for murder. The group retaliates by taking over a TV station for hostages.
  7. A woman witnesses a murder and is on the run from the killer. She takes her son to stay with the boy's father who is a pro-wrestler struggling with his own problems. The Rangers try to find the woman to protect her.
  8. A young truck driver refuses to transport illegal drugs for a corrupt sheriff. The sheriff places a bomb on the driver's truck; the young man survives and goes into hiding. The boy's mother asks the Rangers to look into the matter.
  9. A young girl is shot when some men who committed a crime were shooting their way out. Her father is a former Ranger whom Walker knows. As he sets out to find the one who shot her, Walker tries to caution him about what he is doing. He gets the man reinstated.
  10. The explosive conclusion of the Rangers' on-going search for the elusive and resourceful Chairman.
Can you match the synopsis to the right Walker, Texas Ranger Episode?

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