Are these cases on House the season premiere or finale?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: June 18, 2021, 10:01AM
Dr. House and his team come together to solve a variety of medical mysteries throughout the series. Some cases are more memorable than others, often carrying personal stakes for the Doctors at Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

But do you think you know all the famous House cases? Enough to tell them apart from season finales and premieres? Take the quiz below to find out!
  1. In ‘Acceptance,’ House treats a patient on death row while Dr. Cameron avoids telling a patient she has a terminal illness.
  2. In ‘Wilson’s Heart,’ the team works to save someone's heart. The key is inside House's head, but he is in a bad way himself.
  3. In ‘Moving On,’ a known performance artist collapses during a performance. She ends up with House's team, which is what she wanted.
  4. In ‘Everybody Lies,’ a young kindergarten teacher Rebecca Adler collapses in her classroom after losing intelligible speech while teaching students.
  5. In ‘Meaning,’ a man living with brain cancer drives his wheelchair into a pool at a family BBQ. Everyone but his son thinks that it was suicide from the pain but House will stop at nothing to figure out his true ailment.
  6. In ‘Twenty Vicodin,’ House attempts to solve a medical mystery behind bars while dealing with a gang leader's threat.
  7. In ‘Alone,’ all alone, House scrambles to diagnose a woman after a building collapsed on her.
  8. In ‘Honeymoon,’ House doses his ex-girlfriend's husband in order to get him into the hospital after she begs House to treat him.
  9. In ‘Now What?’ the hospital is in crisis mode as House and Cuddy both call in sick.
  10. In ‘Both Sides Now,’ House and his team treat a patient who had his brain split in half, now it seems like one side of his brain is causing some health/behavioral issues
Are these cases on House the season premiere or finale?

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