Who is in more episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: September 1, 2021, 11:00AM

It’s hard to name a science fiction series more iconic and continually entertaining than Star Trek. Because of its franchise status and ever-expanding universe, it’s easy to forget its humble beginnings as just another Sixties space show.

Part of what makes Star Trek able to stand the test of time is the memorable cast. The main Enterprise crew are great, of course, but there are also many side characters who steal the show and guest stars who give it everything they’ve got.

Here are 12 pairs of actors from Star Trek — some everyone knows and others only true Trekkies remember. Can you guess who is in more episodes?

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  1. Who is in more episodes, William Shatner or James Doohan?
  2. Who is in more, Leonard Nimoy or DeForest Kelley?
  3. Which of these actors is in more episodes, Walter Koenig as Chekov or Eddie Paskey as Lt. Leslie?
  4. Which of these fan favorite actors is in more episodes?
  5. Which of these memorable guest stars is in more episodes, Ricardo Montalbán as Khan or Roger C. Carmel as Harry Mudd?
  6. Who is in more episodes, Majel Barrett as Christine Chapel (left) or Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand?
  7. Grant Woods played Enterprise crew member Kelowitz (left) while David Ross played Lt. Galloway. Who is in more episodes?
  8. Including voice acting, who is in more episodes - Clint Howard (left) or Ted Cassidy?
  9. They both played Romulan commanders, but who is in more episodes?
  10. Which of these classic TV character actors appeared in more episodes, Paul Fix (left) or Jon Lormer?
  11. Which of these recurring actors appeared in more episodes, John Winston (left) or Bruce Hyde?
  12. Which of these women appeared in more episodes, Julie Newmar (left) or Diana Muldaur?
Who is in more episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series?

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