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When Shatner shows up, you remember it. The actor steals scenes with his distinctive style. Everyone can do a Shatner impression, right? So, we're going to ask you a simple question: Was Shatner in it? Of course, we all know he was Captain Kirk and T.J. Hooker. We're digging into his guest-starring roles.

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  1. Was Shatner ever on The Twilight Zone?
  2. Captain Kirk was certainly on Star Trek: The Animated Series, but did Shatner actually voice the character?
  3. Was Shatner ever on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation?
  4. Did Shatner ever visit Gilligan's Island?
  5. Was Shatner ever on Friends?
  6. Was Shatner ever a guest star on Columbo?
  7. Was Shatner ever on 3rd Rock from the Sun?
  8. Did Shatner ever turn up on the original Batman TV series from 1966?
  9. Did Shatner ever team up with Buck and Twiki on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?
  10. Let's do a couple movies. Was Shatner in Airplane II: The Sequel?
  11. Was Shatner in Miss Congeniality?
  12. "William Shatner" appeared as a character on The Simpsons. But did William Shatner the actor voice the toon?

Was William Shatner ever on these shows?

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