How well do you remember Star Trek's patriotic episode 'Omega Glory'

By: H&I Staff     Posted: June 30, 2021, 3:40PM
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"Liberty and freedom have to be more than just words. Gentlemen, the fighting is over here. I suggest we leave them to discover their history... and their liberty." - Captain Kirk

In this popular episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk and crew find themselves on a planet of two opposing factions that worship a loose interpretation of the United States Constitution. Kirk brings both sides together by teaching them the true meaning behind the words of 'liberty' and 'freedom,' and that they're not just words for only chiefs and kings.

But how well do you remember this patriotic episode of Trek? Test your knowledge with the quiz below!

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  1. The Enterprise landing party boards the USS Exeter.
  2. Captain Ron Tracey doesn't violate the Prime Directive.
  3. The planet Kirk and party beams to is Omega III.
  4. Captain Tracey thinks he found a fountain of youth on the planet.
  5. Captain Tracey kills Lt. Leslie with a phaser.
  6. Freedom is a Yang worship word.
  7. The Yang's sacred book is the United States Constitution.
  8. Spock recites the Pledge of Allegiance.
  9. The Yangs and Kohms parallels Earth's Yankees and Communists.
  10. The Yang's flag is the American flag.
How well do you remember Star Trek's patriotic episode 'Omega Glory'

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