How well do you remember ''Space Seed''?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: January 19, 2023, 4:30PM
To many, Khan Noonien Singh is one of the best known and dangerous villains to ever terrorize the Star Trek universe. Charismatic, intelligent and wholly ready to take out anyone who stands in his way, Khan's goal is to dominate the universe with his army of superhumans. This being said, how well do you remember this dastardly villain's first appearance?

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  1. What model of ship is the SS Botany Bay?
  2. What controversial scientific study resulted in the wars on Earth in the 1990's?
  3. What field of study does Marla McGivers specialize in?
  4. Who is the first person to meet the newly-awakened Khan?
  5. How long had Khan and his crew been in stasis?
  6. How does Khan get access to the Enterprise schematics?
  7. Who does Khan not name in his list of "bold men"?
  8. Who is Khan's second in command?
  9. How do Khan and his men seize the ship?
  10. Who is the first person sent to the decompression chamber?
  11. How does the crew take the ship back?
  12. What is Khan's punishment?
How well do you remember ''Space Seed''?

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