How well do you know the mothers of Star Trek?

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Mothers help shape most everyone into who they are as people, including some of the more stranger aliens we met throughout the final frontier.

But how well do you know the many mothers of Star Trek? Celebrate the moms of the world and galaxy with the mother of all Star Trek fan quizzes below!

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  1. What episode did Spock's mother first appear?
  2. Who was the voice of Trelane's mother in "The Squire Of Gothos"?
  3. Who became a mother in the episode "Friday's Child"?
  4. In the episode "The Devil In The Dark" the Horta is revealed to be a mother.
  5. In Star Trek: The Next Generation who played Deanna Troi's mother?
  6. In Star Trek: The Animated Series episode "Yesteryear" Spock's mother's full name was first mentioned. What was it?
  7. "Operation -- Annihilate" introduced Kirk's nephew Peter Kirk. What was Peter's mother's name?
  8. In "The Paradise Syndrome" who almost became the mother of Kirk's child?
  9. In "The Changeling" who did NOMAD think was its mother?
  10. What Star Trek alien is born pregnant?
How well do you know the mothers of Star Trek?

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