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The original Star Trek series was philosophical, strange, deadly serious and wonderfully wacky – sometimes all in the same episode! One of those episodes is the first season outing “Arena.” It has since become a legendary entry in the franchise for its reptilian villain – the Gorn. Though immensely strong, the green, glitter-eyed monster doesn’t exactly move at warp speed.

How well do you remember this iconic space adventure? Test your might, at least when it comes to Star Trek details, in this “Arena” episode quiz!

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  1. Why is McCoy looking forward to seeing Commodore Travers on Cestus III at the very beginning of the episode?
  2. What do Kirk and his crew immediately find out when they beam down to Cestus III?
  3. Fans know the color of this crew member’s shirt is a telltale sign he won’t last long. What happens to him?
  4. When the Enterprise comes under attack, what drastic move does Sulu take to protect the ship?
  5. What dangerous speed does Kirk demand in order to catch the alien ship they are chasing?
  6. What happens to both the Enterprise and the alien ship it was chasing?
  7. The Enterprise receives a message from beings calling themselves…
  8. The Gorn that Kirk fights is…
  9. What valuable substance does Kirk find in abundance while looking for a weapon?
  10. How does Kirk first attempt to kill the Gorn?
  11. What is the white substance Kirk uses to make a weapon?
  12. What “advanced trait” did the Metrons see in Kirk that impressed them?

How well do you know the memorable Gorn episode of Star Trek?

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