How well do you know the life and career of Leonard Nimoy?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 24, 2020, 3:00PM

Leonard Nimoy was far more than Spock. He starred in other beloved series. He directed blockbuster comedy movies. He began his career as a character actor.

Of course, we will always associate him with Star Trek first. He not only played the iconic Vulcan, he came up with so many integral parts of the character.

It is hard to believe that Nimoy passed away five years ago. To celebrate the man, see how well you know his legendary career.

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  1. Nimoy first performed the Vulcan salute and delivered his immortal line "Live long and prosper" in this Star Trek episode.
  2. Nimoy explored mysterious phenomena as the host of this TV series from 1977–82.
  3. One of his last recurring roles on TV was playing the brilliant William Bell on this Fox sci-fi series.
  4. In 1984, Nimoy directed his first feature film. Which was it?
  5. Nimoy also directed this hit 1987 comedy starring Steve Guttenberg.
  6. Nimoy served alongside Ken Berry in this branch of the military.
  7. Following Star Trek, Nimoy played this character on Mission: Impossible.
  8. Nimoy starred alongside this robot in "I, Robot," a classic episode of this anthology series.
  9. Nimoy appeared in the Perry Mason episode "The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe." Was he the killer or the victim?
  10. Nimoy first acted alongside William Shatner in "The Project Strigas Affair," an episode of this series.
  11. What color was Spock's uniform in the second Star Trek pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before"?
  12. In a 2006 interview, Nimoy explained that Gene Roddenberry originally wanted this Andy Griffith Show actor to play Spock.
  13. Did Nimoy voice the character of Spock in Star Trek: The Animated Series?
  14. Nimoy recorded music, too! He famously recorded a single called "The Ballad of __________," a song devoted to this iconic fantasy character.
  15. Nimoy was born and raised in this city — and worked hard to get rid of the heavy regional accent spoken there.
  16. Nimoy made his television debut on this series in 1953.
  17. In 1973, Nimoy played a psychic race car driver in this TV movie, which was a failed pilot for an intended series.
  18. In 1952, Nimoy played a Martian in this B-movie.
  19. In the 1970s, when he was in his 40s, Nimoy returned to school and received a Master's Degree from this university.
How well do you know the life and career of Leonard Nimoy?

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