How well do you know the career of Ethan Phillips?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 7, 2023, 11:44AM
Though he will always be the lovable chef of the Voyager, Neelix is only one part of Ethan Phillips' career. In celebration of his birthday on February 8th, test your knowledge of the career of everyone's favorite Talaxian!

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  1. Was Star Trek: Voyager his first entrance into the Star Trek universe?
  2. Which Law and Order series did he appear in?
  3. He had a part in which '90s comic book adaptation?
  4. He appeared in which young doctor series?
  5. He did not appear in which of these shows?
  6. Did he portray Neelix outside of Voyager?
  7. Which part of the JAG franchise did he appear in?
  8. Which Nickelodeon animated series did he not appear in?
  9. Which series led by Julia Louis-Dreyfus does he appear in?
  10. Which series starring Hugh Laurie does he appear in?
How well do you know the career of Ethan Phillips?

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