How well do you know the baddies of Star Trek: The Original Series?

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The Enterprise encountered many formidable adversaries during their voyage into the final frontier. From strange to deadly, there's certainly no shortage of bad guys to keep Kirk and crew busy.

But how well do you know the many villains of Star Trek: The Original Series? Take the quiz below to find out!

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  1. If you're going on an “Errand of Mercy” don’t expect any help from this bad guy. He likes to kill hostages if he doesn’t get his way. What is his name?
  2. Mark Lenard has played several roles on the Star Trek series, including Mr. Spock’s father. However, in “Balance of Terror” he is trying to destroy the Enterprise. Who is this villain?
  3. If you want to play mind games, these aliens from “The Menagerie Parts I and II” will be happy to oblige by putting you in a cage and using telepathy on you. Who are they?
  4. If you’re going to have a “Private Little War”, it would be a bad idea to invite this creature. It has trouble making friends and its bite is poisonous. What type of creature is it?
  5. If you look behind “The Savage Curtain”, you may find this wannabe rock star. What is the name and type of species for this villain?
  6. Even the best MMA fighter would be reluctant to step into an “Arena” with this guy. If you’re considering doing it, better bring a cannon with you. Who is he?
  7. If you ask the question, “What Are Little Girls Made Of”, you might find that in the underground ruins of Exo III they are not human at all but rather complex androids. You also might encounter this baddie, who has a fondness for killing humans. What is his name?
  8. If you plant a “Space Seed” what will you get? In this case you get one of the most intelligent and dangerous Star Trek villians of all time who went on to be featured in two Star Trek motion pictures. Who is he?
  9. In the episode of “The Man Trap”, there is a creature that kills humans by feeding off the salt contained in their bodies. What is this monster known as?
  10. The crew of a shuttlecraft in “The Galileo Seven” episode had to make an emergency landing on a nearby planet. They were promptly met by a primitive culture of giant beings who welcome them by throwing spears and rocks at them. Who are they?
  11. If you like to play games, “The Gamesters of Triskelion” might be the place for you. Bring plenty of Quatloos with you and watch out for this guy. If he catches you, he will put a collar of obedience on you and have you fight thralls in order to entertain the Providers. What is his name?
  12. In “And the Children Shall Lead’, we have a villain who tricks children into doing his dirty work for him. This guy is really despicable. Who is he?
  13. In the episode “The Empath” these guys like to perform experiments and torture is on the agenda. What species are they?
  14. In the episode “Spectre of the Gun” the Enterprise tries to visit aliens that do not like strangers and believe trespassing is punishable by death. What is the name of this species?
  15. In the episode the “Corbomite Maneuver” this alien threatens to destroy the Enterprise and its entire crew. It turns out that this guy is really a dummy, literally. However, he sure put the fear of death in the Enterprise crew, thus, earning him a spot on the Star Trek baddie list.
How well do you know the baddies of Star Trek: The Original Series?

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