How well do you know Geordi La Forge?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 15, 2023, 1:50PM
They say that the ship is only as good as its crew, and the USS Enterprise-D had one of the best crews out there in the Federation. One of the most important jobs on the ship is the Chief Engineer, who is in charge of keeping the ship in orbit. This position is taken up by the one and only Geordi La Forge, played by LeVar Burton. In celebration of Burton's birthday, test your knowledge of Geordi and his adventures on The Next Generation!

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  1. Where was Geordi born?
  2. What is the acronym for Geordi's VISOR?
  3. When did Geordi join Starfleet?
  4. Who did Geordi idolize in Starfleet Academy?
  5. What was Geordi's original position on the Enterprise?
  6. Who was Geordi's best friend?
  7. What happens when Geordi reunites with an old crewmate in "Identity Crisis"?
  8. Who captured and attempted to brainwash Geordi in "The Mind's Eye"?
  9. Who does Geordi work with to stop the ship from exploding in "Disaster"?
  10. What is the name of the Borg Drone Geordi befriends in "I, Borg"?
  11. Which famous author does Geordi meet when the crew goes back in time?
  12. Which original Enterprise crew member does Geordi work with after they are free from stasis?
  13. What is the name of the Bajoran officer that gets trapped with Geordi in a cloaking malfunction?
  14. Who tries to turn Geordi into a cyborg in "Descent"?
  15. Who was not a love interest for Geordi?
How well do you know Geordi La Forge?

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