How well do you know Gene Roddenberry?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: September 10, 2021, 2:11PM
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Gene Roddenberry's name has become synonymous with Star Trek. Along with creating one of the most popular sci-fi franchises of all time, Roddenberry lived an exciting life beyond his most famous series. 

But how well do you know the late Gene Roddenberry? Take this quiz below and test your knowledge of the father of Star Trek!

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  1. In 1921 Roddenberry was born in...
  2. Gene Roddenberry was a Police officer for which city's department?
  3. Gene Roddenberry worked as a freelance writer, which television program did he NOT write for?
  4. Which branch of the United States Military was the focus of the Gene Roddenberry created television show, 'The Lieutenant'?
  5. Gene Roddenberry's most famous creation, Star Trek, premiered on the NBC Television Network on which date?
  6. What was the first television show that he ever wrote for?
  7. He shares a birthday with which Star Trek: TNG star?
  8. What pen name did Gene Roddenberry use when he first started out as a writer?
  9. What was the first show Roddenberry worked with Leonard Nimoy on?
  10. Gene Roddenberry served in the United States Army Air Corps, flying 89 combat missions during World War Two. What type of aircraft did he pilot?
How well do you know Gene Roddenberry?

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