Fan quiz: how well do you know the first episode of Star Trek ever seen on TV?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: March 2, 2022, 11:31AM

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The beginning of Star Trek is complicated to say the least. The first pilot was rejected but reworked into a later storyline, the second pilot aired three episodes into the first season and the first episode aired was the sixth episode filmed. Some fans stick to the original air order while others prefer the order in which they were made.

Regardless of which episode you see as the pilot, “The Man Trap” kicked off the massive sci-fi franchise as the first installment to hit the airwaves in the 1960s.

How well do you know this classic episode? Test your knowledge of this mysterious story below!

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  1. "The Man Trap" premiered on which date?
  2. The Enterprise visits which planet in this episode?
  3. What was the Enterprise's mission?
  4. What was Nancy Crater's pet name for her old flame, Dr. McCoy?
  5. Who is the first crewman killed on the planet?
  6. How many pounds of salt tablets did the Craters start out with?
  7. The Creature can assume the form of anyone it wishes. Utilizing this ability, it beams onboard the Enterprise using which form?
  8. The deceased crewman all had a loss of what?
  9. True or False: Professor Crater lived with the Creature even after it killed his wife?
  10. What saved Spock from the Creature's assault?
  11. Who killed the Creature in the end?
  12. Who played Nancy Crater?
Fan quiz: how well do you know the first episode of Star Trek ever seen on TV?

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