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Star Trek: The Original Series has created one of the most lasting legacies in the history of science fiction. Over the decades the series has expanded into a franchise across countless books, TV shows and movies. While we love new stories with new characters and Starfleet crews, it's hard to beat the original that started it all.

How well do you know the adventures of the original Enterprise crew? See if you can score an 11/11 on these detailed questions about the series and characters!

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  1. Captain Kirk appeared in his yellow shirt, green shirt, formal wear shirt, and even his ripped yellow shirt in only one episode. Which one?
  2. Who did Spock NOT use his Vulcan nerve pinch on?
  3. Both the Vulcan salute and the "live long & prosper" quote were introduced in what episode?
  4. In what episode did Dr. McCoy finally get to kiss the girl?
  5. What episode did Captain Kirk fire and re-hire Scotty?
  6. Sulu and Chekov appeared together off the bridge in only two episodes. Which two?
  7. In which three episodes did Uhura sing?
  8. In what episode of Star Trek The Animated Series was the T. In James T. Kirk revealed to be Tiberius?
  9. Chekov did make a very quick appearance in Star Trek The Animated Series. Which episode was it?
  10. True or False: The holodeck first appeared in Star Trek The Animated Series.
  11. Name the one and only actor involved in original Star Trek and original Star Wars?

Can you score an 11/11 on this Star Trek fan made quiz?

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