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In the 1970s, the sci-fi of the Sixties faded away to unique and influential shows, including Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Wonder Woman, Battlestar Galactica, The Six Million Dollar Man and many more. 

As if these memorable additions to the sci-fi canon weren't enough, the decade also gave us a bunch of grand attempts at even bigger ideas within the genre, traveling to the future, outer space and between dimensions - sometimes with a monkey! 

Below, we've given you a little background on some of these forgotten Seventies wonders. 

See if you can complete the name or if your memory for obscure 1970s sci-fi has drifted away like so much cosmic dust. Good luck!

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  1. Named for the movie it's spun off from, this series also saw the age of 30 as a death sentence. Fill in the blank: ______________ Run
  2. Starring Larry Storch from F Troop, this children's show lasted one season in 1975 and traveled the globe with a gorilla looking to drive spirits from their haunts. Fill in the blank: The ______________ Busters
  3. After Lost in Space, Jonathan Harris became commander of an interstellar military school for one season in 1977. Fill in the blank: ______________ Academy
  4. This short-lived 1979 series starred Vincent Price and featured a train you could take to travel back to the biggest moment in your life. Fill in the blank: ______________ Express
  5. For one season from 1976-1977, you could find Ernest Borgnine partnered up with an android cop. Fill in the blank: ______________ Cop
  6. In 1977, this series imagined castaways stranded on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle. The stars traveled between planets and dimensions, trying to get home. Fill in the blank: The ______________ Journey
  7. This 1976 sci-fi series took place in the 25th century and follows three young scientists in an RV, after the world has been thoroughly polluted. Fill in the blank: Ark ______________
  8. This 1979 series starred Andy Griffith as a man running a salvage operation who builds his own home-made spaceship. Fill in the blank: Salvage ______________
  9. This 1978 series featured Jack Webb as the narrator in his final TV role, on a show that investigated alien spacecraft sightings. Fill in the blank: Project ______________
  10. In his debut role as a series lead, Patrick Duffy starred in this sci-fi series as a man with amphibious qualities. Fill in the blank: Man from ______________
  11. Here's a neat trick from Seventies sci-fi: This 1976 series starred a man who wore a watch that made him invisible for 15 minutes at a time (or else risk being invisible forever). Fill in the blank: ______________ Man

Can you complete the names of all these forgotten 1970s sci-fi series?

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