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The far future of Star Trek and the comic book world of Batman looked remarkably similar in some ways. Both had advanced technology like intelligent computers and communication devices. The heroes of both shows also fought colorful (literally!) and outrageous villains.

We’ve zoomed in on a few details from both iconic series. Can you tell the difference?

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  1. What are these futuristic buttons and dials from?
  2. Do you know what this character is from?
  3. What is this display from?
  4. Which series is this from?
  5. What is this rabbit from?
  6. Do you know this close-up image?
  7. This set is from...
  8. Which show is this bald character from?
  9. These buttons and controls are from...
  10. Can you guess what this is from?
  11. What is this scene from?
  12. This is costume is from...

Are these close-up images from Batman or Star Trek?

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