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The Sixties sure had some far-out aliens on TV – some from the far reaches of space, others much closer to home. The original Star Trek brought all kinds of wonderfully weird cosmic characters to living rooms across the country, and the names of these aliens were as unique as their appearances. 

A decade after Star Trek first aired, video games began sweeping the nation, both at home and at hallowed halls of buttons, neon lights and repetitive music (AKA arcades). Though the graphics were rudimentary, the premise of many games promised everything from medieval quests to space battles.

Do you remember the bizarre names of many Eighties arcade games? What about the distinctive names of Star Trek aliens? See if you can tell the difference in this quiz!

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  1. Balok
  2. Tron
  3. Yarnek
  4. Galaxian
  5. Zaxxon
  6. Zabo
  7. Gravitar
  8. Tamar
  9. Qix
  10. Jaris
  11. Marplon
  12. Xevious
  13. Krell
  14. Sinistar
  15. Anan 7
  16. Akuta
  17. Zork
  18. Korax
  19. Arkanoid
  20. Gorf

Are these 1980s video games or Star Trek characters?

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