The Glory Among Men - When the one person in the squad who is disliked by most of the men, Mason, is wounded, the Germans use him as bait to try and get the squad to come after him. Orders come in come to leave Mason behind if it is too dangerous to retrieve him. One soldier, however, doesn't want to leave Mason behind.
  • Saturdays at 10 PM & 11 PM Eastern/Pacific
Presenting warfare with gritty realism and humanity, 'Combat!' follows King Company, an American infantry squad, as it battles on the front lines of war-torn France during World War II. The series is a tribute to the average G.I., men struggling to keep a moral center in the midst of violence.
  • Season

    S1/EP 1 - Forgotten Front

    Lt. Hanley's platoon is given a mission to spot the location of hidden German heavy artillery. After a patrol is lost in a booby-trapped dye factory, Sgt. Saunder's squad is sent forward to help. They find a kindly German deserter hiding in the factory, and must decide whether to leave him alive or dead when they retreat from a German tank attack.

    S1/EP 2 - Rear Echelon Commandos

    Sgt. Saunders and his squad receive three much-needed replacements with rear-area backgrounds that seem to make them unfit for combat. At first, the squad is amused by the shortcomings of the new members, but things quickly become serious when they are assigned a hazardous mission.

    S1/EP 3 - Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd

    Ambushed by the Germans, Lt. Hanley and the squad are saved from certain death by the appearance of a lone American tank. Fighting their way back to their lines, they learn the troubling secrets of the angry and reckless tank commander.

    S1/EP 4 - Any Second Now

    While in a French town on leave, Hanley's leg is pinned by some debris during a bombing raid. In the church building with him is an undetonated German bomb which is still timed to explode. Help arrives in the form of a British demolition expert who is suffering battle fatigue and is angry at Hanley for trying to pickup his girl at a local bar.

    S1/EP 5 - Far from the Brave

    When the squad's B.A.R. man is killed in battle, a grievous Sgt. Saunders assigns the heavy weapon to a new replacement, an elderly cook, despite Pvt. Kirby's objections. The decision has far-reaching consequences when the squad must cover the main force's retreat and the replacement faces enemy fire for the first time.

    S1/EP 6 - Missing in Action

    Lt. Hanley and the squad infiltrate enemy lines to rescue a downed wing commander who is being kept in a French underground safehouse. Complications arise when the commander seems hesitant to return and his female companion schemes to keep him with her.

    S1/EP 7 - Escape to Nowhere

    Lt. Hanley is captured by the Germans, but finds himself caught up in the defection scheme of General von Strelitz. The general, wanted by the gestapo for his involvement in the plot to assassinate Hitler, plans to use Lt. Hanley to reach Allied lines.

    S1/EP 8 - The Celebrity

    Sgt. Saunder's squad is awestruck when their newest replacement is a professional baseball pitcher. On his first combat patrol, the star proves to be a costly liability to the squad, and he must choose between accepting a transfer to a desk job or proving his worth as a soldier.

    S1/EP 9 - Cat and Mouse

    After his return from a decimated patrol, an exhausted Sgt. Saunders is ordered to accompany Sgt. Jenkins' squad back into enemy lines. Saunders finds himself trapped with the obstinate Jenkins in an old millhouse being used as a German headquarters, and the valuable information they learn must be returned to friendly lines at any cost.

    S1/EP 10 - I Swear by Apollo

    Sgt. Saunders and his squad take refuge in a convent filled with mysterious nuns after Pvt. Temple and a Frenchman with important information are seriously wounded. When Lt. Hanley arrives with bad news regarding their own doctor, Saunders realizes he must force a German combat surgeon to save the dying men.

    S1/EP 11 - A Day in June

    As the squad takes shelter during a fierce storm, Sgt. Saunders and the men reminisce about the events revolving around their arrival on D-Day. Flashbacks describe the camaraderie and hostility present as the bored soldiers await their movement orders in England, the tense journey in the transports across the English Channel and the platoon's harrowing assault on the shores of Normandy in the first wave.

    S1/EP 12 - The Prisoner

    Braddock becomes a driver for a colonel and is captured as a POW while wearing the colonel's coat and helmet.

    S1/EP 13 - Reunion

    Saunders helps a soldier reunite with his French father—a collaborator.

    S1/EP 14 - The Medal

    A soldier is mistakenly credited for the heroic deeds of a fallen comrade and decides to accept an undeserved medal after receiving a "Dear John" letter.

    S1/EP 15 - Just for the Record

    Saunders is captured when he puts down his gun and considers playing a record he got from home. The French resistance helps him escape but then he must rely on the help of a French woman who is not with the resistance.

    S1/EP 16 - The Volunteer

    A 13-year-old French boy wants to join the squad. After he is told he can't, he follows the squad. After Hanley is wounded, Caje tells him that he is now part of the group and his orders are to see that the Lt. gets back to town. When they get back to town, they find out that the Germans are setting up a trap for the Americans. Hanley sends the boy to find Saunders' squad and tell them about the Germans so they can radio the information to HQ.

    S1/EP 17 - The Squad

    The squad gets a replacement, Mosley Lovelace (a Georgia boy), who says that the best thing he got from the Yankee army is his boots and rifle.

    S1/EP 18 - Next in Command

    An anti-social corporal joins squad, and Saunders doesn't trust him.

    S1/EP 19 - The Chateau

    Doc and his walking wounded take refuge in a French chateau that is occupied by Germans and an eccentric Frenchman.

    S1/EP 20 - Off Limits

    PFC Marsh runs into his wife, Lt. Amelia Marsh, at a field hospital. He asks for a pass to spend time with her. While he is waiting for his pass, Kirby goes AWOL and ends up at the hospital. Marsh has to go out on the mission in place of Kirby and is wounded.

    S1/EP 21 - No Time for Pity

    Hanley and the men must take a French town where the Germans have an observation post for artillery. The Germans are holding the town's children as hostages and threaten to kill them if they are attacked.

    S1/EP 22 - Night Patrol

    The squad meets up with a lieutenant living in a cave.

    S1/EP 23 - Survival

    Lt. Hanley and the squad escape capture during an artillery barrage, but Sgt. Saunders is unknowingly left behind in the fiery chaos. Alone and in agony from burns, Saunders wanders in a helpless delirium behind enemy lines.

    S1/EP 24 - No Hallelujahs for Glory

    Sgt. Saunders and Lt. Hanley are forced to deal with an ambitious female reporter who has little understanding about the costs of war.

    S1/EP 25 - The Quiet Warrior

    Hanley is sent in to extract a French scientist, the father of a college room mate who was killed in the previous extraction attempt.

    S1/EP 26 - Battle of the Roses

    A young woman who cannot face the horrors of the war isolates herself in an idyllic garden that is unscathed by German bombs and refuses to leave. Sgt. Saunders attempts to evacuate her before more Germans come.

    S1/EP 27 - Hill 256

    Kirby finds himself facing a court-martial after a staff sergeant claims that he ran from the enemy. Using their 48-hour pass, Sgt. Saunders and Caje return to the battlefield to look for the evidence that will clear Kirby of the charges.

    S1/EP 28 - The Sniper

    After the squad takes a town, a German sniper begins picking them off one by one.

    S1/EP 29 - One More for the Road

    After the squad finds an orphaned infant behind enemy lines, Sgt. Saunders is faced with making a difficult decision: either bring the baby along and increase the danger to his men, or leave the child behind to face certain death.

    S1/EP 30 - The Walking Wounded

    Sgt. Saunders, with a minor leg wound, catches a ride on an ambulance and finds himself forcing a cowardly driver through a combat zone and pleading with a battle-fatigued doctor to attempt a high-risk operation in order to save a badly wounded soldier.

    S1/EP 31 - High Named Today

    Sgt. Saunders, Lt. Hanley and their men get a real scare when Pvt. Rob Lawson, a reputed one-man death-squad, joins up with them. Yet after Saunders discovers what is behind Lawson's reckless bravery, he finds himself much more worried for the private than about him.

    S1/EP 32 - No Trumpets, No Drums

    Caje must deal with killing a Frenchman. He does this by turning his attention to the dead man's daughter. The squad becomes worried about Caje, and Sarge must find a way to bring him back to himself before losing him.

    S2/EP 1 - Bridge at Chalons

    The squad faces elimination by German troops and, even worse, an ultra-caustic demo expert who refuses to let Sgt. Saunders guide their sortie behind German lines to destroy a bridge. The two battling sergeants trade icy glares, and contrary orders, while the infantry try everything to avoid combat with Nazis because eliminating the bridge is paramount. The explosives noncom's unending contempt bruises even the calloused egos of Saunders' combat vets. Which will explode first—the bridge or the mission?

    S2/EP 2 - Bridgehead

    Hanley orders Saunders and his squad to take a bridge that is guarded by a heavily fortified house. Nick Adams guest stars as a self-centered, wise-cracking private who only cares about saving his own skin. He reveals during the episode that he is a jazz drummer and is soon to be leaving the front to play in an army band entertaining troops and wants to be sure he keeps himself in one piece.

    S2/EP 3 - Masquerade

    James Coburn guest stars as a ruthless German spy masquerading as an American G.I. in order to get into American headquarters to create havoc. When the jeep he is driving hits a land mine, Sgt. Saunders and his squad bring him and two other German spies back to their company headquarters for first aid. Saunders slowly begins to suspect there is something wrong as Coburn's character makes slight mistakes while speaking and interacting with the other men.

    S2/EP 4 - The Long Way Home: Part 1

    Sgt. Saunder's squad is captured and placed in a temporary stockade, where they are interrogated by a cruel SS officer.

    S2/EP 5 - The Long Way Home: Part 2

    Still interred in a German POW camp, Sgt. Saunders and his squad must find a way to escape before they are all killed.

    S2/EP 6 - The Wounded Don't Cry

    The unit captures a German hospital. Neumann is a German-speaking GI who interacts with the German head of the hospital. Saunders is upset by the lack of intensity on the part of his men in checking the German patients. Neumann gives Sgt. Saunders a hard time for being so tough on wounded soldiers. Turns out Saunders was right—a couple of the patients are SS "dead-enders" who don't care they're losing the war.

    S2/EP 7 - Doughboy

    Eddie Albert guest stars as an American WWI veteran living in France with his French wife. During a nearby German shelling he becomes confused and believes he is still fighting WWI.

    S2/EP 8 - Glow Against the Sky

    After Billy Nelson is wounded and dazed in an artillery barrage, the rest of the patrol, concerned for his safety, gets trapped in a cellar, with Germans crawling all over.

    S2/EP 9 - The Little Jewel

    All the squad but Kirby takes to an orphan boy named Bijou. When Caje is captured by the Krauts, the others begin to think just maybe Kirby is right. Eventually, the boy overcomes his self-centered survivalist orientation and helps the squad accomplish its mission.

    S2/EP 10 - A Distant Drum

    Lt. Hanley is wounded in an artillery barrage, and is separated from the rest of the platoon. He survives frisking by a nasty German soldier, and finds a French farmhouse inhabited by two women. The mother does not want to hide Hanley, as she is afraid of the Germans.

    S2/EP 11 - Anatomy of a Patrol

    The unit's mission is to reach a downed P-38 recon aircraft, rescue the pilot if alive and get back with the aircraft's camera and film of the German positions. Meanwhile, a German patrol, led by Sgt. Beckman, has been sent on a parallel mission to capture the pilot and the film.

    S2/EP 12 - Ambush

    Sgt. Saunders and the squad obey their orders to not interfere as a newly liberated village administers justice to the local collaborators. Unfortunately, Saunders discovers that a lynched man's daughter has knowledge of a hidden German tank's location, and she refuses to give them the vital information they need.

    S2/EP 13 - Barrage

    Sgt. Saunders is wounded while searching for German artillery and is aided by a deserter.

    S2/EP 14 - Thunder from the Hill

    Lt. Hanley has a conflict with a resistance fighter who insists on raiding an ammo dump.

    S2/EP 15 - The Party

    In this strangely light-hearted episode Kirby is left in charge of the unit in a village where there are three very pretty French ladies, who are the objects of desire not only for Kirby, Caje and Nelson, but also for several sergeants from an engineering corps, who have set up a party. The intrepid trio enlists the help of an orphan girl to assist them in peeling the sergeants away from the ladies and the party supplies. Comedy is the result.

    S2/EP 16 - Gideon's Army

    Saunders and his men come upon injured and starving Polish slave laborers who were left behind because they could not walk. A German advance may force him to leave them behind.

    S2/EP 17 - The Pillbox

    Lt. Hanley and a wounded soldier are trapped in a bunker with German officers.

    S2/EP 18 - The General and the Sergeant

    Upon liberation of a small French village by King Company, French General Armand Bouchard, a veteran of WWI, arrives in the street and wants to take command of Sgt. Saunders' squad. While Bouchard apparently suffers from some form of dementia and is the object of ridicule by some of the villagers, he obviously has personal pride and character.

    S2/EP 19 - Eyes of the Hunter

    A soldier is assigned to guide Sgt. Saunder's squad to a hidden German artillery post, because he knows where they are located. Saunders is warned to keep a close watch on the soldier, but he doesn't know the reason why.

    S2/EP 20 - The Hostages

    Sgt. Saunders and Caje are held hostage by two Germans while Doc tries to secure a vehicle with which to rescue them.

    S2/EP 21 - Mail Call

    Sgt. Saunders receives bad news from his brother while dealing with a malingerer.

    S2/EP 22 - Counter-Punch

    After being cut off from and attempting to return to their lines, Sgt. Saunders and Caje join up with a crew of stragglers.

    S2/EP 23 - A Silent Cry

    Sgt. Saunders has to escort an arrogant radio expert to aid partisans.

    S2/EP 24 - The Hunter

    A professional German sniper captures a wounded Kirby, and begins to hunt down Sgt. Saunders.

    S2/EP 25 - What Are the Bugles Blowin' For?: Part 1

    A British unit holding a depot doesn't know that Allied units around them are retreating from a Nazi offensive, because the Brits' radio is broken. Sgt. Saunders' squad can't join the pullback, because Lt. Hanley orders Saunders' crew to march to the railhead in France, to let the Brits know they are being surrounded.

    S2/EP 26 - What Are the Bugles Blowin' For?: Part 2

    A British captain refuses Allied orders to retreat, delivered by Sgt. Saunders. Instead, Capt. Johns commands Sgt. Saunders' battle-fatigued U.S. squad to dig in at the besieged railhead and help repulse a German advance. Saunders fears it's suicide for all, but the imperial Capt. Johns, a Sandowner and son of a general, insists they can hold the depot against a Nazi offensive.

    S2/EP 27 - Weep No More

    Lt. Hanley aids a mute French girl who may have valuable information regarding German positions.

    S2/EP 28 - The Short Day of Private Putnam

    Pvt. Putnam is a 15-year-old runaway who lies to cover up his age. When the green soldier panics, he nearly gets the sarge and himself killed.

    S2/EP 29 - Rescue

    Lt. Hanley is helped by German infiltrators who want information.

    S2/EP 30 - Command

    Sgt. Saunders has issues about an aloof Lt. who temporarily takes over for wounded Lt. Hanley.

    S2/EP 31 - Infant of Prague

    The squad discovers a group of nuns in a convent, and they travel together through enemy territory. Nearly surrounded by Germans, Lt. Hanley must call in artillery, placing them in great danger.

    S2/EP 32 - The Glory Among Men

    When the one person in the squad who is disliked by most of the men, Mason, is wounded, the Germans use him as bait to try and get the squad to come after him. Orders come in come to leave Mason behind if it is too dangerous to retrieve him. One soldier, however, doesn't want to leave Mason behind.

    S3/EP 1 - Mountain Man

    Saunders meets with a recluse Frenchman who lives on the same mountain that he needs to mark a trail over.

    S3/EP 2 - Vendetta

    Lt. Hanley and the men are rescued by a Greek colonel and his men.

    S3/EP 3 - Point of View

    Sgt. Saunders faces a possible court-martial after a machine gun sergeant accuses him of bad judgment under fire when two of his men are killed.

    S3/EP 4 - The Duel

    Saunders and the truck driver he is riding with begin a duel with a German tiger tank.

    S3/EP 5 - Silver Service

    Kirby is sent back to town to recuperate from a minor injury. While there, he meets GI Harry White who is a truck driver who uses dirty dice to cheat other GIs. Kirby spots the dirty dice and tells the other players, but Harry manages to skip out just as the town is hit with an artillery barrage.

    S3/EP 6 - The Hard Way Back

    A soldier who panics under fire and leaves a trapped Sgt. Saunders in a German occupied town has second thoughts and returns to rescue him.

    S3/EP 7 - Operation Fly Trap

    Sgt. Saunders and squad set up a trap to capture a German colonel; however, a malcontent jeopardizes everything with his lack support.

    S3/EP 8 - The Little Carousel

    The squad encounters a young French student nurse who insists on helping everyone.

    S3/EP 9 - Fly Away Home

    The squad gets a view of the Carrier Pigeon Company and its role in the war effort.

    S3/EP 10 - The Impostor

    Hanley must take the place of a G-2 officer on a mission to spy on a German headquarters. One of the three men he must meet has killed an American that Kirby recognized and took his uniform.

    S3/EP 11 - A Gift of Hope

    Saunders discovers his MIA friend believed dead from the battle of St. Lo alive and under suspicion of desertion.

    S3/EP 12 - A Rare Vintage

    Caje needs the help of a French civilian to attempt the rescue an injured and captured Lt. Hanley.

    S3/EP 13 - The Long Walk

    The squad picks up a wounded soldier, but he isn't who he seems to be. Larkin, a friend of Sgt. Saunders from boot camp, learns the truth and tries to warn Saunders but is killed before he can.

    S3/EP 14 - The Town That Went Away

    Lt. Hanley and his men are sent to evacuate a town, but a Frenchman redirects Hanley's men away from the town into a bombed out town.

    S3/EP 15 - Birthday Cake

    Littlejohn receives a birthday cake a day before his birthday with instruction from his mom not to open it before his birthday. And it creates all sorts of problems for Littlejohn and the squad.

    S3/EP 16 - The Enemy

    Hanley reluctantly accepts a captured German lieutenant's offer to disarm the mines his men have hidden.

    S3/EP 17 - The Cassock

    A German demolitions officer is trapped in a church as the squad takes a town. Later, he masquerades as a priest to try to complete his mission.

    S3/EP 18 - Losers Cry Deal

    Sgt. Saunders assigns Caje as acting squad leader for the 3rd squad till the replacement Sergeant arrives.

    S3/EP 19 - More Than a Soldier

    Sgt. Saunders runs out of tommy gun ammo while facing a German sergeant who seems his equal. His only ally is a green soldier who has never killed and can not bring himself to kill another person.

    S3/EP 20 - Brother, Brother

    A firend of Kirby's brother tracks Kirby down and joins the squad to collect on special favors from times they had back home.

    S3/EP 21 - The Steeple

    The squad works at trying to rescue a trapped paratrooper from an occupied town.

    S3/EP 22 - The Convict

    An escaped French convict pretends to be a resistance fighter in order to gain a direct escape out of France.

    S3/EP 23 - Dateline

    A reporter who has been allowed access to too much vital information has been captured. The squad is escorting a captain who intends to let himself be captured in order to rescue the reporter. But when a mine kills the captain, the noise attracts Germans and the squad is surrounded.

    S3/EP 24 - A Walk With an Eagle

    The squad rescues a downed pilot who has his own view of the how the war is fought.

    S3/EP 25 - The Long Wait

    Sgt. Saunders and a truck load of wounded soldiers are pinned down at a crossing by a German squad.

    S3/EP 26 - The Tree of Moray

    Lt. Hanley is responsible for a collaborator who has valuable information needed in London, but must deal with French underground members who want to hang the traitor.

    S3/EP 27 - Cry in the Ruins

    In the heat of battle, Sgt. Saunders' squad and the Germans declare an uneasy truce in order to help a delirious woman free her trapped baby.

    S3/EP 28 - The Hell Machine

    To get a wounded captain back to American lines, Sgt. Saunders must get a claustrophobic soldier to drive a German tank.

    S3/EP 29 - Billy the Kid

    Sgt. Saunders is apprehensive when an untried lieutenant, the son of a famous general, tries to prove his worth by leading the squad on a mission to destroy German artillery.

    S3/EP 30 - Heritage

    Hanley and Kirby escort Cpl. Velasquez, an explosives expert, who has qualms about destroying works of art or heritage. They need him to destroy a German observation post protected by rock.

    S3/EP 31 - Odyssey

    Sgt. Saunders, wounded and trapped behind enemy lines, tries to escape by passing himself off as a shell-shocked German soldier. In his journey back to friendly lines, he encounters both a cynical German doctor and a protective German sergeant.

    S3/EP 32 - Beneath the Ashes

    Lt. Hanley does not recall a private from patrol until the news that his wife is dying is confirmed, but by then the patrol is trapped and hiding in a basement.

    S4/EP 1 - Main Event

    Willy Kleve, a boxer, and Murphy, his manager, arrive as new replacements for Sgt. Saunders' squad. Murphy doesn't want anything to happen to Willy and causes more than one problem trying to protect him.

    S4/EP 2 - The First Day

    The squad goes on a mission with four teen replacements all on their first day in action.

    S4/EP 3 - S.I.W.

    A soldier who reputedly got two other squads annihilated via his own cowardice is transferred to Sgt. Saunders' squad. Then he turns up with an apparent S.I.W. (self-inflicted wound), and it doesn't help when his explanation of how it happened keeps changing.

    S4/EP 4 - The Linesman

    Sgt. Saunders' squad is assigned to protect McKlosky's communication squad while they lay a phone wire out to an observation post. McKlosky has already lost one man and doesn't think Saunders' men can do the job.

    S4/EP 5 - The Farmer

    A private from rural Iowa endangers the squad when he neglects his duties to attend to the chores of an evacuated farm on the battlefield.

    S4/EP 6 - Evasion

    In an ancient castle that the Germans are using as a POW camp, Lt. Hanley's fellow prisoners provide him with a fake Albanian uniform for his escape attempt.

    S4/EP 7 - Hear No Evil

    Sgt. Saunders, alone and deafened by a grenade, tries to make his way back to American lines.

    S4/EP 8 - Crossfire

    Sgt. Saunders accuses a soldier with a Silver Star and a Distinguished Service Cross of disobeying orders and causing the deaths of two other soldiers. The soldier is revealed to have been a coward in flashback but he overcame it, to an extent, by going with a single strategy: Charge.

    S4/EP 9 - 9 Place Vendee

    After a booby trap kills the Captain, Lt. Hanley must take over his mission and find an American operative in a French village before the Germans find him.

    S4/EP 10 - The Old Men

    Three replacements, "One limping, one homesick and one green," join the squad as they go out on a reconnaissance patrol.

    S4/EP 11 - Soldier of Fortune

    A private trapped in a destroyed cellar withholds valuable information, forcing Sgt. Saunders to find a way to free him.

    S4/EP 12 - The Casket

    Sgt. Saunders clashes with a French mother when he commandeers the truck she is using to transport a casket for her dead son.

    S4/EP 13 - Luck with Rainbows

    After a British major leaves Lt. Hanley and his men behind to die, he requests Hanley be assigned to help him on a mission to knock out V-2 sites.

    S4/EP 14 - Breakout

    Sgt. Saunders' squad has orders to destroy any equipment that the Germans could use, especially to rebuild the road. A French sniper pins them down in a quarry to prevent them from destroying his construction equipment.

    S4/EP 15 - Finest Hour

    Gage has to help a wounded Lt. get back to the American line. He stops a Frenchman with a wagon and talks him into helping. The Frenchman takes them into a large house—which is full of German officers.

    S4/EP 16 - The Raider

    When Lt. Hanley is captured by an infamous SS officer whose specialty is brutal interrogation, Sgt. Saunders and his squad must quickly find his location.

    S4/EP 17 - The Mockingbird

    Lt. Hanley is deceived by a German spy who's posing as a downed American pilot in an elaborate plan to infiltrate the French underground.

    S4/EP 18 - The Good Samaritan

    Marsini blames Sgt. Saunders for his squad being wiped out because Saunders kept guarding a bridge that was never attacked rather than assisting Marsini and his men. Later, each is placed in a position where they must decide whether to leave the other behind or not.

    S4/EP 19 - Retribution

    After his sister's fiance is killed by an SS colonel, Kirby seeks revenge.

    S4/EP 20 - Counterplay

    Sgt. Saunders is taking a radar expert to analyze a German radar installation which must be found and destroyed. Unbeknownst to Saunders, the member of the French resistance guiding the squad has been captured and replaced by the Germans.

    S4/EP 21 - Nothing to Lose

    A soldier's resentment of a street tough's taunts of cowardice causes problems for the squad.

    S4/EP 22 - Ask Me No Questions

    A captured Sgt. Saunders is placed in a group of prisoners, one of whom is a German soldier posing as a captured American to gain information.

    S4/EP 23 - The Ringer

    A cowardly straggler, concerned with his reputation back home, joins up with Sgt. Saunder's squad and tries to pass himself off as a fighter.

    S4/EP 24 - The Flying Machine

    Lt. Hanley is sent to reconnoiter in a small one-engine plane flown by a crusty old pilot. After they discover vital information, the plane is forced to land and the radio is out.

    S4/EP 25 - Hills are for Heroes: Part 1

    Lt. Hanley is ordered to take a strategic hill that overlooks a needed road. The hill is protected by two concrete bunkers with German machine guns and infantry in each bunker. Saunders gets hit in his thigh in the first assault on the bunkers while several other GIs are killed.

    S4/EP 26 - Hills are for Heroes: Part 2

    An American tank arrives and knocks out one of the bunkers, but the tank is taken out by German infantry using a rocket launcher. Again the GIs are beaten down the hill, losing more men to the hill. Hanley is again ordered to take the hill even though his men are both physically and mentally beaten by what has been an impossible assignment.

    S4/EP 27 - Gitty

    The squad finds a young girl at the convent they are using as OP. Sgt. Saunders has to try and tell the girl her father is dead when they are attacked by the Krauts.

    S4/EP 28 - One at a Time

    After his men are all killed by Sgt. Saunders' squad, a wounded German escapes and vows to kill Saunders' men, one at a time.

    S4/EP 29 - A Sudden Terror

    After narrowly escaping from the scene of a botched night mission, it's up to a wounded Lt. Hanley to rescue a terrified fellow soldier—the only other survivor from his squad—who's now caught in quicksand.

    S4/EP 30 - Run, Sheep, Run

    An inexperienced soldier's cowardice causes the death of a fellow soldier but he covers it up. Then he discovers the squad's prisoner who witnessed everything speaks English.

    S4/EP 31 - The Leader

    Sgt. Saunders has to return to headquarters for a meeting, leaving Kirby in charge. At first, being left in charge goes to his head. But after Caje is wounded and the phone lines are cut, things change fast. At first, Kirby asks himself what sarge would do. But with a little encouragement from Doc, he stops thinking about what sarge would do and shifts to what Kirby should do.

    S5/EP 1 - The Gun

    Sgt. Saunder's squad is ordered to destroy a fortified enemy position that poses a threat to the company. After a supporting tank is destroyed by a German field piece, their only option is to capture the gun, move it across dangerous terrain and use it to complete their mission.

    S5/EP 2 - The Losers

    Sgt. Saunders is ordered to destroy a German bridge. When the squad's replacements fail to make the rendezvous, Saunders has no choice but to utilize four soldiers being held for court martial to complete the mission.

    S5/EP 3 - Ollie Joe

    The squad receives two soldiers deployed from Charlie company after its lieutenant is killed. Sgt. Saunders soon learns that one is a goldbrick and the other has a hidden side that poses a danger to all.

    S5/EP 4 - The Brothers

    Hanley and his men join up with two brothers who are members of the underground. The elder, who is the leader of the underground in the area, refuses to see that his brother is not cut out for the dangerous life he leads. When he finally realizes this fact, it is too late.

    S5/EP 5 - The Chapel at Able-Five

    Alone and blinded, Sgt. Saunders is at the mercy of a German chaplain.

    S5/EP 6 - A Child's Game

    The squad must find a way to get a group of teens to surrender. With time running out, Sgt. Saunders lets their leader go back in to talk them out.

    S5/EP 7 - The Letter

    After Sgt. Saunders gets a letter from his younger brother saying he has enlisted, he keeps a green soldier from dangerous duties to the annoyance of the squad and the soldier.

    S5/EP 8 - Headcount

    Sgt. Saunders and his men find themselves escorting German prisoners who heavily outnumber them.

    S5/EP 9 - Decision

    Pvt. Harris is sent to go out with the squad as a demolition man. The assignment is to blow up a radio station. On the way, Doc finds out that Harris is a doctor. After the second assignment, Harris must make a decision: Does he want to be a doctor or run away from who he is.

    S5/EP 10 - The Outsider

    The squad doesn't take a liking to Cully, a hillbilly from Virginia. Littlejohn befriends Cully and tries to get the others to give Cully a chance. When the Germans are spotted heading for the town, Littlejohn goes looking for Cully, who has gone back to look for his money. Cully gets back to the OP (unaware of the Germans) wanting to know if anyone has seen his money, leaving Littlejohn to face the enemy alone.

    S5/EP 11 - Conflict

    After several days of continuous patrols in the rain has caused tempers to flare within the squad, Sgt. Saunders must contend with the declining morale of his exhausted men while leading them on a vital mission.

    S5/EP 12 - Gulliver

    A group of children finds a wounded Littlejohn. They take him to where they live, attempting to sell him to the Americans—the Germans.

    S5/EP 13 - The Bankroll

    A soldier who owes Kirby a lot of money seems to be hanging back in combat.

    S5/EP 14 - Cry for Help

    Hanley's squad captures a German medic during their mission to destroy an observation post.

    S5/EP 15 - The Furlough

    When Private Vincent is killed shortly before he is to go on a week's furlough, Sgt. Saunders travels to England to deliver his bequest to Ann Tinsley, the director of an orphanage. During his time in London, he gets to know the children, and sees how they have suffered during the war. In addition, he becomes friendly with Ann, and an attraction begins to develop between them.

    S5/EP 16 - Entombed

    The squad's mission to rescue captured French resistance fighters becomes complicated when a mine cave-in forces the combatants to work together for survival.

    S5/EP 17 - Gadjo

    A group of gypsies wants Sgt. Saunders to turn over an SS officer who killed many of them.

    S5/EP 18 - Anniversary

    A resistance fighter, driven mad by grief, shoots at both Americans and Germans, trying to force them to leave him in peace with his ghosts.

    S5/EP 19 - Encounter

    Capt. Cole is reunited with his son, Jack, who he hasn't seen in years. Jack, now a reporter, is sent to the front to cover the war. The squad assignment is to help the Capt. find the best place to build a pontune bridge.

    S5/EP 20 - The Gantlet

    Saunders is captured by a German patrol. He eventually escapes and tries to make his way back to friendly lines.

    S5/EP 21 - The Masquers

    German infiltrators dressed as American and British soldiers attack. Kirby and two men dressed as Americans are captured by a British soldier who doesn't know who to trust. Is the one who shot at Kirby an infiltrator or did he think Kirby was an infiltrator? And why was the other one in handcuffs?

    S5/EP 22 - A Little Jazz

    Sgt. Saunders and his squad encounter a stranded armed forces jazz combo whose bandleader insists that they should surrender to the Germans.

    S5/EP 23 - Nightmare on the Red Ball Run

    Kirby and Littlejohn agree to help Rosie drive his trucks. After they agree to help, they find out that the trucks are carrying ammo and they must get the trucks to the front, where they are almost out of ammunition. While trying to get there they run into many delays, including the enemy.

    S5/EP 24 - Jonah

    The squad's newest replacement is a man who believes that he is cursed to cause the deaths of the men around him. When Lt. Hanley takes the squad on a dangerous mission that is beset with bad luck, they begin to fear that the man really is a jinx.

    S5/EP 25 - The Partisan

    After Sgt. Saunders is wounded and Caje is captured by the Germans, a deserter who has been posing as a member of the French underground is forced to help with their escape back to the American lines.
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