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Going as far as to not include the words "Star Trek" in the title and only going by "Enterprise" when it first aired, Star Trek: Enterprise stands out as one of the more unique Star Trek series. While it did deviate away from a lot of the norms of Trek, Captain Archer and crew almost came across one of the more anticipated returns to the franchise with a potential guest star appearance from William Shatner.

Proposed by none other than William Shatner himself, Captain Kirk’s return to the final frontier would be in the form of his evil counterpart, Tiberius, from the mirror universe. Tiberius would somehow find his way aboard the Enterprise during Archer’s time and attempt to take over the ship.

During this conflict with Archer and his crew, Tiberius would attempt to go back to the mirror universe only to realize that it doesn’t exist - yet.

This story would reveal that the split between the mirror and main universe was due to Kirk in the original ‘Mirror, Mirror’ episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, long before the events of the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise. Upon realizing that he was stuck in this past alternate world, both Tiberius and Archer would reluctantly team-up to bring him back to when the mirror universe did exist.

The potential two-parter episode would have been during the series fourth and final season of Star Trek: Enterprise. However, because they knew it was the final season they realized they couldn’t afford to spend most of their budget on bringing just one guest star, even though it was the most anticipated in franchise history.

While this idea has been tabled indefinitely, both Scott Bakula and William Shatner have hinted at the idea and interest in returning to the final frontier. With so many new Trek series in development, maybe there’s still a chance of some version of this story yet.

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