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As any Trekkie worth their salt is aware, the Star Trek franchise has a lot going on with their sideburn game. Having a pointed shape, most men of the Federation abide by a specific dress code regulation for their hair style.

The origin of the distinct sideburn pointiness came after filming the second pilot for the series, Where No Man Has Gone Before, which is the last episode you can find of Kirk and the crew sporting normal sidebdurns. "Normal" being a lot bushier for the 60's mind you.

With the series being picked up, Gene Roddenberry wanted the cast to commit to having a futuristic hairstyle going forward. For the sole reason of wanting a social life outside the set without having to look like men of the future, the cast disagreed.

So they compromised, giving us the sideburns we know and love today.

According to Leonard Nimoy’s autobiography, I Am Spock, it was Nimoy’s initial idea to go with the pointy look at first. While this appearance was intended for only Spock’s character prior to their compromise, Nimoy commented that the Federation’s adoption of the style was due to the Vulcans being “galactic trendsetters.”

The hairstyle would live on past the original series into the Star Trek film franchise and eventually Star Trek: The Next Generation. Michael Wesmore, the makeup designer and artist for TNG and various other Star Trek spin-offs and specials, would go on to create the “Side-Burn Bible.”

This guide was made to help illustrate the proper technique involved in styling the hair or makeup to help keep the Federation dresscode consistent and at regulation. 

What do you think about the sideburn look of the future? Think you could rock it? Thankfully you won’t have to worry about this style for at least a couple hundred years.

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