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Star Trek crew on what made the show special

By: H&I Staff    Posted: July 18, 2023, 9:23AM Tags: Tags: ALLSTARTREK, All Star Trek, Star Trek The Original Series

For the entire time that Star Trek has been around, people have been dying to ask the cast some questions. Luckily, many of their answers get written down, recorded for posterity in newspapers and websites worldwide.

Some questions get repeated a ton. "What makes the show special?" "What do you make of your success?" "What's it like being a part of something so huge?"

Here, for your edification and reading pleasure, is a compilation of answers Kirk and crew gave to those questions. Join us in taking a look back on the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise and what their real-life counterparts thought about being onboard!

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William Shatner

"We still do not know why Star Trek is such a success. [It] has to do with the cast, the plot, the basic idea behind the story, the action, the humor. There's something in the alchemy of what we do together, and no one really knows what it is."

- Fort Worth Star-Telegram 08 Jun 1989


George Takei

"I think the reason for its success is just chance and good fortune. It was just dumb luck. Star Trek came at a time when the audience wasn't ready, and it was canceled when the audience was ready, so there was an air of cause celebre about it. [...] I think it prepared the way for Star Wars and the whole science-fiction movie boom."

- Fort Worth Star-Telegram 08 Jun 1989


DeForest Kelley

"In the beginning, I was turned down for this series. Gene Roddenberry wanted me for the role, however, and I was signed for seven of the first 13 episodes. The part wasn't supposed to be much. I put everything I could into it. But even then I was surprised when I wound up in all the shows. It's tough to get good exposure on a show with seven regular performers, all hoping to do the same. But we've fairly well worked it out, and each of us seems to have his own set of fans."

- Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 15 Dec 1968


James Doohan

"When I do one of those 'Beam me up, Scotty' joke-commercials, playing on an image, I'm doing it because it's expected of me, and because I appreciate that. Boris Karloff once said that the Frankenstein monster, which typed him as a horror actor for decades, was the best friend he ever had. Scotty has typed me and all for the better."

- Fort Worth Star-Telegram 08 Jun 1989


Walter Koenig

"I'm in science fiction whether or not I'm doing Star Trek. I'm glad of it. The success has to do with innovative concepts in a generic context. We do generic accessible science fiction, and our characters have become part of an extended American family."

- Fort Worth Star-Telegram 08 Jun 1989


Nichelle Nichols

"It was the philosophy Gene had, of space travel, peaceful exploration and non-interference with other cultures. They were human beings with all the attitudes of human beings, but who had transcended the need to annihilate each other."

The Bangor Daily News 16 Aug. 1991


Leonard Nimoy

"We have to have recognition in my business. Without this recognition, I don't think I would be working as much as I do. I was an actor without public recognition before Star Trek, and I know what that was like and I would rather have it this way. I'm a really lucky man. I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. Not many people can say that in today's world."

The Miami Herald 03 Mar 1978

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