How Richard Boone fought ''ennui'' on ''Have Gun — Will Travel''

The actor went to great lengths to battle boredom.

Can you tell the difference between Maverick episodes and Humphrey Bogart movies?

Are these titles TV western adventures or film noir classics?

10 fascinating facts about Wanted: Dead or Alive star, Steve McQueen

"The King of Cool" was just that. A really cool cowboy who had a love for adventure... and a need for speed.

Can you fill in the missing lyrics to the Have Gun – Will Travel theme song?

How well do you know “The Ballad of Paladin”?

Richard Boone didn't think that ''Have Gun – Will Travel'' was a real Western

Why Boone believed his series had set itself apart.

Can you name the top ten shows from 1960-1961?

You may remember watching them, but do you remember their rank?

Steve McQueen was a rebel that ''punched'' his way out

"I never liked to talk my way out of anything. I liked to punch my way out."

This episode of Maverick wasn’t quite as “authentic” as it wanted you to believe

The real “Hoyle’s Games” book never actually mentioned a five-card stud.

Steve McQueen's uncompromising vision for ''Wanted: Dead or Alive''

McQueen never wanted to play a boring ol' hero.

Robert Conrad had strong feelings about being called a star

The actor didn't even want a star on the sidewalk out of fear people would spit on it.

Clint Eastwood is producing a legal drama for his final movie

The veteran Western actor is currently one of the oldest filmmakers still working.

Can you guess the Western character based on a description?

Buckle your seatbelts and let's take a wild trip to the West!

Here's why James Garner didn't renew his contract with Warner Bros.

"I remember my lawyer asking, 'do you want a new contract, a raise, or do you want out?' I said I want out."

James Garner believed that there's a massive responsibility in television

The 'Maverick' star believed that television is one of the three most important inventions ever made.

Can you name all these famous guest stars on Have Gun – Will Travel?

Horror icons, TV detectives, and sitcom stars all crossed paths with Paladin.

The creator of Maverick was forced to change the pilot episode to keep him from collecting any royalties

Warner Bros. founder J.L. Warner would not allow any original ideas to be made into series.

The Wanted: Dead or Alive finale is the last time Steve McQueen acted on TV

A famous director and a beautiful locational made for a fond farewell.

Is this quote from a TV western or a superhero show?

Which quotes came from the gunslingers and which came from the superheroes?

Are these names of TV cowboys or cartoon characters?

Mosey back and forth between Westerns and toons.

Are these real 1950s Westerns or did we just make them up?

Take your best shot at spotting real deal TV Westerns.
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