Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen wasn't interested in playing the good guy

McQueen wanted his character to be "rank."

Steve McQueen's secret to playing a believable hero

His approach to acting led him to such great heights.

Before the Wild West: How well do you remember Steve McQueen's fight against The Blob?

It's indescribable. It's indestructible. It's THE BLOB!

Steve McQueen was a rebel that ''punched'' his way out

"I never liked to talk my way out of anything. I liked to punch my way out."

Steve McQueen's uncompromising vision for ''Wanted: Dead or Alive''

McQueen never wanted to play a boring ol' hero.

Steve McQueen was a motorhead for motorcycles during the '60s

Everybody has something that relaxes them and for McQueen it was risking his life. Very "King of Cool" of him.

Steve McQueen almost started a war between classic Western actors

McQueen made a bold statement, and one Western actor quickly responded.

Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason were buddies in this 1963 comedy film

The two played an inseparable duo in the underrated gem Soldier in the Rain.