Nash bridges

Cheech Marin was in a successful comedy duo with Tommy Chong

In the 80s, you've probably heard something from this creative duo.

In the 1980s, Nash Bridges' Don Johnson was a pop star

Johnson juggled being a star in two industries simultaneously: acting and music.

6 gonzo things you never knew about 'Nash Bridges'

What other action show can claim Hunter S. Thompson as a co-creator?

Don Johnson asked Cheech Marin to be on Nash Bridges on the set of Tin Cup

The two had been friends for decades before becoming TV's greatest buddy-cop duo.

Don Johnson came up with the idea for Nash Bridges to help out a friend

The first draft of the series was a lot darker.

Do you know these celebrity guest stars on Nash Bridges?

Put your Nineties pop culture detective skills to work.
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